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ISRO CS 2019 : TOC Booster Quiz 2

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Question 1

Which of the following are context free?

Question 2

Find the equivalent regular expression generated by the above grammar G.

Question 3

The equivalent grammar corresponding to the grammar is

Question 4

Consider the following language :
L = {ambnbkdl | (n+k = odd) only if m=l }
The above language is :

Question 5

(00+01+10)(0+1)*Represents :

Question 6

Consider the following languages:
I. where
II. and where
III. and where
IV. where
Which of the language above are context-free?

Question 7

Consider the following grammar G:
S aXabXbab
X aXbXε
Identify the language generated by the above G?

Question 8

Consider the following language.
L = {am bl cn dk| if m = l then n = k}
Then L is _________.

Question 9

Identify CFL generated by following CFG

Question 10

Which of the following is a regular language?
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