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ISRO 2023 Quiz 1

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Question 1

B O C N D M E ? ?

Question 2

Which techniques are used to measure the quality near perfection?

Question 3

If the volume of raw water sample examined for odour test is 200ml & volume of distilled water required to make the sample odourless is 50ml, find the Threshold odour number (TON).

Question 4

The ratio of short-term modular ratio and the design value of modular ratio for M 25 concrete as per WSM is

Question 5

A plan of an old survey plotted to a scale of 10m to 1 cm carried a note stating that the chain (20m) used was too short for 0.8 links (16 cm). It was also found that the plan had shrunk, so a line originally 10cm long was 9.77 cm. The area of a plot on the available plan was found to be 58.2 cm2. What is the correct area of the plan in hectares?
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