Isometric projection of a sphere is __________.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 3rd, 2022

1. Ellipse

2. Parabola

3. Circle

4. Hyperbola

The visual representation of a three-dimensional object in two dimensions in technical and engineering drawings is known as isometric projection. In this, the plane is oriented so that it makes equal angles with the three principal planes of the object.

Answer: Isometric projection of a sphere is a circle.

The lines in the isometric projection are called isometric lines. The lines for the object are drawn with an angle of 30 horizontal planes. The lines which are not parallel to the isometric axis is called non-isometric line. The scale that is used for isometric projection is referred to as the isometric scale. The scale is helpful in determining the actual dimensions of the object are converted to isometric dimensions.

Steps to determine Isometric Projection of a Sphere

The step-by-step process to draw the Isometric Projection of a Sphere are given below:

  • Draw the isometric view of the prism.

  • Mark the centre of the top face of the prism, as 0.

  • From O, draw a vertical line and mark a point o, on it such that 00 is equal to the isometric radius of the sphere.

  • Draw a circle that will be the required projection of the sphere with O as centre and radius equal to the true radius of the sphere which is 25 mm.

isometric view of sphere


Isometric projection of a sphere is __________.

Out of the given options, circle is the correct answer.

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