Is SBI PO Exam Tough? - Last Minute Tips To Crack SBI PO Exam

By Aina Parasher|Updated : April 19th, 2023

Is SBI PO Exam Tough: The State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest government-owned bank in India. For many people, working in the banking industry, especially at SBI, has long been their preferred career path. Millions of students from many courses apply each year for the position of SBI probationary officer.

There are many reasons to apply for the SBI PO exam, including the competitive salary, respectable working conditions, social standing, and, most significantly, employment stability. Candidates frequently inquire- Is the SBI PO exam tough? Yes, it is. The SBI PO exam is regarded as being difficult because it is extremely competitive and draws many applicants each year.

Is SBI PO Exam Tough?

The bank administers an online SBI PO exam at the national level in India to select qualified candidates for the Probationary Officer position. There are three stages of the recruitment process- Stage I is the preliminary exam, Stage II is the main exam, and Stage III is the personal interview. It is tough to crack the SBI PO exam and takes a lot of effort to pass all three stages.

The extensive syllabus, intense competition, and tough selection process are only a few of the reasons that contribute to the exam's difficulty level. For the benefit of applicants, we have covered a few strategies and preparation tips for passing this esteemed exam in the sections below.

Why SBI PO is Tough?

Although the level of the SBI PO exam is undoubtedly high and it is one of the most difficult in banking, if your conceptual understanding is strong, you may succeed in it. The SBI PO exam is one of the toughest exams for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • There are more applicants than there are open positions for Probationary Officers at SBI. Thousands of applications are filed online each year, however, only 2000–3000 SBI PO vacancies are advertised.
  • The online examination has a relatively short time limit, which increases the pressure on the candidate.
  • In order to pass each stage of the SBI PO examination, candidates must achieve a minimum cutoff mark in each component.

Last Minute Tips To Crack SBI PO Exam

Candidates may easily pass the exam with the right SBI PO study strategy and a subject-by-subject preparation plan. The candidate’s ability to comprehend the prerequisites for each exam segment will be aided by using the SBI PO preparation tips.

  • Understanding the SBI PO syllabus and exam pattern is the first and foremost step of exam preparation.
  • The most crucial element of your study plan is picking the best books for SBI PO exam preparation.
  • Solve the SBI PO Previous Year Papers and various practice papers to become familiar with the pattern of the exam.
  • Take advantage of this free SBI PO mock test series to practise exam-style paper solving. Additionally, practice tests assist in pinpointing your areas of weakness so that you can focus more on improving them.

SBI PO Books

SBI PO books are essential for candidates to prepare for and review both fundamental and complex subjects. Study materials are a crucial tool, and candidates' preparation would be incomplete without them.

  • Bank PO English Language- Arihant Experts
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations- R. S. Aggarwal
  • Data Interpretation Decoded- Oliveboard
  • Reasoning & Computer Aptitude- R. Pillai Arihant
  • Computer Awareness- Soumya Ranjan Behera


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  • The SBI PO examination is one of the most difficult in the banking industry. To perform well on this exam, candidates need to have a grasp of the fundamental ideas. Candidates who want to pass the exam may benefit from reading the SBI PO exam analysis.

  • If candidates stick to a focused study strategy and put forth the consistent effort, the SBI PO Preparation is not as difficult as it might appear. Candidates must be aware of the SBI PO exam pattern, practice the previous year's paper, and revise regularly.

  • It's challenging to pass the bank exams, primarily those of IBPS and SBI for various positions. In comparison to those who failed, significantly fewer students passed the IBPS exam. The number of applicants grows year, which causes the failure rate to grow as well.

  • The UPSC exam is the one administered for public services by the Union Public Service Commission, and Bank PO stands for Probationary Officer in Bank exams. The UPSC is the hardest and most thorough. To determine their interest in the field and begin training for their objective, candidates must correctly comprehend the differences.

  • CAT is a harder exam than Bank PO. IBPS PO and SBI PO are easier than CAT in terms of Quantitative Aptitude. Permutations, combinations, and probability are given higher focus in the CAT.

  • The degree of difficulty for the IBPS PO exam is moderate. The difficult questions in the IBPS exam must be answered in a short amount of time.

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