Is a Calculator Allowed in the GATE Exam? Procedure to Use Virtual Calculator

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : May 24th, 2022

Is a Calculator Allowed in the GATE Exam? GATE 2023 will be conducted by IIT Kanpur in the initial weeks of February 2023. The GATE exam is one of the most famous and most challenging exams for Engineering graduates conducted in India. So many GATE aspirants have a query that Is a calculator allowed in the GATE exam? So as to help these aspirants with long calculations, GATE conducting IITs and IISC Bangalore came to a conclusion to provide a GATE virtual calculator for the ease of students.

In the below article we will solve all queries about Is a calculator is allowed in the GATE exam?, How to use a GATE virtual calculator, and tips and tricks for effective & fast usage of a virtual calculator for GATE. A virtual scientific calculator which is provided on the computer screen for students to use as an aid can be used on the day of examination so that the obtained result remains as close to the actual value required.

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Is a Calculator Allowed in the GATE Exam?

The answer to the query is, is a calculator allowed in the GATE exam? Yes, a Calculator is allowed in the GATE exam. Still, that calculator is not similar to a physical calculator used at the college level or a computing calculator with addition, subtraction, multiplying, or dividing commands. 

The GATE will provide aspirants with a virtual scientific calculator, which the candidates can use to respond to the appropriate questions by using a mouse. The GATE exam contains complex calculations and lengthy decimal up to three points and numerical values which becomes a bit problematic for students to calculate on time as there is limited time available for students in the GATE exam.

How Can We Use Calculator in GATE?

Students encounter a new problem using a virtual calculator on exam day, which can be tricky for students. Hence they are advised to have a hands-on understanding of the online virtual calculator preparatory to the exam. By solving the query, Is a calculator allowed in the GATE exam? Here are a few components and operations on how to use a virtual calculator:

Arithmetic Operations

Operation A + B - C x D ÷ E will be computed as  A + B - C * D / E


4 - log(40) x 10 will be computed as 4 - log(40) * 10

Trigonometric Functions

To find sin(25), students shall press 25 first and then the ‘sin’ function from the calculator.


To find 10^3, students need to press 3 and then key 10x 

Cube or Square of a number

To find 43 students need to press 4 first, and then x3 similarly for square


To find |4|, students need to press 4 first and then the key |x|


To find 1/67, students need to press 67 first and then key 1/x

Square root or Cube root

To find √5, students need to press 5 and then key √x

 Tips and Tricks for GATE Virtual Calculator

Here are a few tips and tricks for students to effectively use the GATE online virtual calculator to get accurate calculations up to desired decimal places.

  • Use brackets as much as possible.
  • Always press [C] at the start of the new calculation.
  • Look for already placed operands to save time.
  • Remember, answers can not be infractions; hence students are advised to get answers correct up to the required decimal places. 

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  • Yes, virtual calculators are available for students during the online GATE exam on the computer screen. Students can use the calculator for the calculations and get the desired result.

  • The Scientific calculator is an online calculator available for students to use for the calculation in the GATE exam.

  • The virtual calculator has a light memory storage device to store the values of the calculation done by the students.

  • Yes, a virtual GATE calculator will be provided to the students for the GATE 2022 exam paper calculations.

  • Yes, a calculator is allowed for the GATE exam for students with a GATE in Life Sciences. GATE calculator is allowed for all the 29 branches for which the exam is conducted. Candidates have to use it for complicated calculations.

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