Is a BSc degree best for IAS?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

BSc degree can be best as it allows a person to pass the IAS examination if they are incredibly diligent and at ease with their studies. It is a very individualized question based on the student's degree of comfort during the UPSC exam. Numerous historical instances exist of people who obtained IAS after earning a BSc.

Importance of BSc Degree for IAS in India

The successful completion of a bachelor's degree in any specialization is the prerequisite for taking the UPSC test.

  • Any bachelor's degree that satisfies the requirements is acceptable for UPSC test eligibility, including B.Sc., B.A., B. Comm., and others.
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  • Both the science and the arts streams are significant for IAS.
  • While some students opt for IAS following engineering, others select history, geography, and political science as their major studies.
  • Some people choose anthropology and chemistry as their main subjects.
  • Your level of comfort in a subject entirely depends on you.


Is a BSc degree best for IAS?

Given that it depends on the student's comfort level throughout the UPSC exam, this is a very individualized question.

  • If a person with a BSc degree is exceptionally dedicated and comfortable with their studies, they can pass the IAS exam.
  • There are several examples in history of persons who earned their IAS after receiving a BSc.


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