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Introduction to DC Machines Starter Quiz 18

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Question 1

Which of the following cumulative compound generator has zero V.R?

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Improved commutation in DC machines can be achieved by

Question 3

The emf induced in each coil side of a coil is 20V and the coil sides lies under opposite poles. The induced emf in them is______ (in V).

Question 4

Find the resistance of load which takes a power of 10kW from a shunt generator whose external characteristics are shown below:

Question 5

In a 220 volt long shunt compound generator, the resistance of armature, shunt and series winding are 0.05Ω, 110Ω and 0.5Ω respectively. The load consists of 110 lamps connected in parallel, each rated at 55W, 110V. What will be the voltage drop in series field winding _________ in V.

Question 6

A separately excited DC generator when running at 1500 rpm. Supplies 200A at 150V. What will be the load current if speed drops to 1000 rpm. The resistance of armature is 0.25 Ω and total voltage drop due to brush is 2V.
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