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The final stage of the UPSC Civil Services Examination is the Personality Test/Interview Round which takes place after prelims and mains exam and generally held in the following year. Most of the candidates have no clue about what kind of questions may be asked in the interview round and especially the first-timers. Hence, here we bring a collection of interview transcripts of candidates who have entered the final round and faced the board of members.

Candidate Details:
Name: Sachin Gupta
AIR: 3 (CSE 2017)
Chairperson: Smita Nagraj
Hometown: Sirsa, Haryana
Optional Subject: Anthropology
Work Experience: 2 years in Maruti Suzuki
Education: B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Thapar University, Patiala
Hobbies: Cricket, Reading Books and Watching Documentaries

In his second attempt, Sachin Gupta had secured the 575th rank and had secured the Indian Corporate Law Service. Questions on his background included those about the Indian Corporate Law Service.
• What is Moot Court?
• Why was the name changed from Company Affairs to Corporate Affairs?
• Issues concerning the corporate sector.
• Role of Independent Directors.
• Satyam Scam and learning for the Corporate Sector.

Banking Sector
• Could we have prevented the PNB scam?
• What are the key issues within the PNB scam?
• Curative steps required now in the banking sector.
• Don’t you think personnel management is a bigger issue in this?
• What role do you think higher management could have played in this issue?

Science and Technology
• What is Artificial Intelligence? Pros and cons.
• Will it further decrease jobs in India?
• Differentiate between big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence?

International Relations
• Do you think developments in the Maldives are threatening India’s interests?
• India’s options.
• Interfering with Internal Affairs.
• Views on Indian Ocean recent developments.
• How should we counter Chinese assertiveness?
• What are the steps India has already taken?
• Do you think we should make naval ports in the Indian Ocean region?
• Should we have a better neighbourhood policy?
• Any examples where countries interfere in the internal affairs of other countries?
• What if any other country does it with India?

• Do you think we can double farm income?
• What are your views on land fragmentation?
• What is TReDS?
• Do you think we can introduce it in agriculture


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