Integrated Test Series Plan: Syllabus of Mini Mock Test 6

By Atul Roy|Updated : March 15th, 2017

Syllabus of Mini Mock Test 6:


Topics: World population: growth and distribution, Demographic attributes, Migration, Overpopulation, Underpopulation and Optimum population, World population problems and policies, population as social capital etc.


Governor, Chief Minister, State Council of Ministers, State Legislature, High Court, Advocate General of State

History & Art & Culture:

Topics: Land Revenue Systems during British Rule, Economic impact of British Rule, Commercialisation of Agriculture and its impact, Growth of Modern Industries in India

Environment & Biodiversity:

Global warming, Greenhouse effect, Climate forcing, Global warming potential and emissions, Acidification, Ozone depletion etc.


Human Development in India, Social Development, Urban Development, Demographic Dividend

Science & Technology:

Indian Satellites and Space programs, Recent advancements and developments, Collaboration with other countries

Current Affairs:

Current happenings in the past week.


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