Information and Communication Technologies: Basics of ICT Tools

By Yash Bansal|Updated : May 8th, 2021

 Information Communication Technology tools are referred to as ICT tools. Computers, notebooks, printers, scanners, software programs, data projectors, and interactive teaching boxes are all examples of ICT equipment.

ICT devices, for example, are the most up-to-date methods, principles, and strategies used in student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction: - clicker devices, smartphone apps, and flipped classroom) for information and communication technology.



  1. Post
  2. Radio
  3. Tv and satellite
  4. Mobile
  5. computer

 1) Post –

The Department of the post was established after the battle of Plassey 1757 & by 1957 there was more than 20,000 post office in India that increased up to 1,51,000 by the end of 1999.

Under the digital India program, the post office is converted into an e-post in which the following provisions have been added

  1. All the post offices of India are connected with broadband internet connectivity therefore it is possible to transfer money from any post office to any other post office.
  2. The post offices can act as the alternate banking system
  3. The post offices can also under past provide e stamp paper where properly birth & marriage registration can be done.
  4. Tracking of the consignment is possible under e-post

2) Radio –

Radio was launched after 1947 as “All India Radio”

it has 3 main agenda–

  1. Agriculture – in agriculture “Krishi Charcha’’ program started that has become the longest-running prog on the radio in the world.
  2. Education – in education, the Gyan Vani program was started by IGNOU & it has been able to provide quality education to more than 10 lakhs learners. The program has been adopted by more than 8 countries including the USA.
  3. Health – radio focuses its complaining on health & it has successfully compound for Pulse Polio Abhiyan & DOTS prog. For TB.
  4. In 2013, India was declared a polio-free nation.

Radio and e-governance –

The Prime minister has started a program on the radio called “Mann ki Baat”. This is a direct interaction bet the govt and the citizen through radio.

In this prog, Govt can interact with large no. of masses at the same time.

2) Satellite-based radio –

It is used for personal communication or interdepartmental communication & it is used by security agencies, railways, defense, etc.

Satellite radio uses high-frequency waves i.e. transmitted through ionosphere & then it is reflected by the satellite to reach on earth.

 Advantages of ICT Tools

There are various advantages of ICT Tools:

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Provide the facility for easy student management
  3. Direct classroom teaching
  4. Improved modes of communication
  5. Eco-friendly-Eliminate the usage of paper
  6. Direct classroom teaching
  7. Minimize cost and saves time
  8. Improved data and information security
  9. Web-based LMS tools link teachers, students, researchers, and scholars and education together.
  10. Teachers are able to teach better with graphics, video and graphics.
  11. Teachers can create interesting, well-designed and engaging classroom activities.
  12. Provide better teaching and learning methods
  13. To spread awareness about the social impact of technological change in education.
  14. Promoting and improving the digital culture in universities, colleges, and schools.
  15. Automated solutions to paper-based manual procedures and processes.


Disadvantages of ICT Tools

There are various disadvantages of ICT Tools:

  1. Unemployment
  2. Lack of security/privacy
  3. Cyberbullying
  4. Reliance on technology
  5. Social media
  6. Preparation time


  1. Unemployment:- While IT has simplified business processes, it has also resulted in work redundancy and subcontinent. Employers can save money by using machines instead of human resources, but workers will lose their jobs as a result of this.
  2. Lack of Security/Privacy:- Although technology has evolved and become more convenient, it has also raised concerns about privacy and security. People are worried that personal information will become public knowledge as a result of phone signal surveillance, email theft, and other methods. IT changes almost every day, which means that everyone must stay current in order to keep their jobs. Risk factors for attacking computer viruses, trojans, spam, malware is also present in the systems.
  3. Cyber Bullying:- In social network pages, it is now so easy to bully and bully others as it has become very easy for the users of the internet around over the world. They do not realize the consequences of reading/listening to hostile comments. There have been various investigation cases involving cyberbullying with lethal implications in the recent past.
  4. Reliance on Technology:- Because of the loss of handwriting skills, people no longer bother reading, writing, or calculating without computers (why write if a spell checker can be used). Except for minor additions, do not use a calculator; instead, read books (why read if there is huge information on the internet).

Avoid hurting the feelings of someone through emails or other forms of electronic communication; respect other's online rights; avoid insulting anyone. If someone disrespects you, you stay calm; avoid discussion groups or forums crashing groups; respect other people's privacy online; be responsible online."

  1. Social Media:- Network pages are open for everyone who can influence their physical and mental health by playing and watching violent games, including young children and teenagers. They are addicted to iPods, phones, gaming consoles, forgetting about society's external activities and communication.

6. Preparation Time: - Preparation takes more time so that the internet can be used effectively for education. In addition to designing internet-based plans, we have to surf the Internet in order to download the lesson plans and adapt them to support the course's objectives or visit sites to choose appropriate places for the classes needed.

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