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Infiltration Indices Part 2 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

A 3hr storm had 9cm of rainfall and the resulting direct runoff was 3.0 cm. If the  – index remains at the same value, the runoff due to 14 cm of rainfall in 5hr in the catchment is

Question 2

The infiltration capacity of soil in a small watershed was found to be 8cm/hr before a rainfall event. It was found to be 1.5cm/hr at the end of 10 hrs of storm. If the total infiltration during 10 hr period of storm was 22.5cm. Estimate the value of decay coefficient k in horton’s infiltration capacity equation.

Question 3

The intensity of rainfall for successive 1 hour period of a 5 hours storm are 3, 5, 7, 8 and 4 cm/hr. the runoff is 4 cm/hr. Calculate the  – index (cm/hr).

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

The infiltration capacity of an area depends on which of the following factors?

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Following are the observations during a 3hr storm

Rainfall intensity is constant throughout the respective duration. If the infiltration rate given by Horton equation is f = 9 + 16.31 e-t. Which of the following are true?

Question 6

If a rainstorm of 8 cm gives the runoff of 4 cm in a catchment whose -index is fixed and for whole period of 3 hrs of rainfall. If the infiltration is considered invariable then what would be the runoff (in cm) for 10 cm of rainfall in the same catchment in 4.5 hours?
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