INET Syllabus 2023: PDF Download, Subject Wise Exam Pattern

By Naveen Singh|Updated : April 28th, 2023

INET Syllabus 2023 is released by Indian Naval Academy along with the official notification on its website. Before beginning their preparation, candidates who intend to appear for the next exam should be familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern. The topics and subtopics under areas like English, Reasoning & Numerical Ability, General Science, Mathematical Aptitude, and General Knowledge are listed in the INET exam syllabus.

The syllabus adheres to graduation-level standards. Candidates must read the INET syllabus and become familiar with the subjects. Also, candidates can check the INET exam pattern and marks distribution for the upcoming exam.

Table of Content

INET Syllabus 2023

The English Language section of the INET Syllabus is designed to gauge applicants' knowledge of grammar. The subjects covered in the Reasoning and Numerical Ability syllabus test candidates' capacity for deduction and calculation. INET general science syllabus is aimed at high school students. The goal of the General Knowledge section of the INET syllabus is to gauge a candidate's familiarity with current events.

English, Reasoning, General Science, and General Knowledge are the four sections that make up the INET syllabus. The subject-wise syllabus for the upcoming INET Exam is listed below.

INET Syllabus for English

The INET syllabus for the English Language section tests a candidate's comprehension of grammar and vocabulary. The following list of subjects is for the English section:

INET Syllabus for English
Completion/CorrectionsComprehensionUsage of Words
Idioms and PhrasesSpeechDirect and Indirect 
Parts of SpeechSentenceGrammar
AntonymsPunctuationsActive and Passive

INET Syllabus for Reasoning

The INET syllabus for Reasoning includes problems on sequences, spelling, unscrambling, coding and decoding, missing numbers/series completion, decimal fraction, etc. You need to be aware of the topics covered by the INET exam syllabus for reasoning before you start your preparation.

INET Syllabus for Reasoning
Cash PriceSpatialNumerical Sequence
AverageAssociative AbilityRatio and Proportions
Profit and LossProblemsExpenditure
Time and WorkNumber SeriesCompound Interest
Missing NumbersPunctuationsVolume

INET Syllabus for General Science

The INET syllabus for General Science covers atomic structure, energy, uses, carbon and compounds, and others. Knowing the General Science INET Syllabus might help you arrange your study time and create an exam strategy to increase your score.

INET Syllabus for General Science

Force and Gravitation

UniverseNature of Matter
Basic Computer ScienceAssociative AbilityAcids
Human DisordersFoodPeriodic Table
Health PhilosophySaltsCompound Interest
Atomic StructureMetals and Non-MetalsSound and Wave Motion
Newton's LawCurrentMagnetism
NutritionBasesCarbon and its Compounds

INET Syllabus for General Knowledge

The INET syllabus for General Knowledge includes the History of India, Geography, Environment, Constitution of India, Art, Culture, etc. The following significant subjects are covered in the INET exam syllabus for General Knowledge.

INET Syllabus for General Knowledge

History of India

Geographical NeighborsNational FactsReligion
DiscoveriesAwardsConstitution of India
Health PhilosophyBooks and AuthorsCompound Interest
Current AffairsSports and ChampionshipsDance

How to Prepare INET Syllabus 2023?

Anyone studying for the upcoming exam should review the guidelines and tactics to use in order to prepare the INET syllabus 2023 efficiently and quickly. The following tips are offered by subject matter experts to strategically assist applicants in covering the whole INET syllabus:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the INET exam syllabus and pattern based on the latest notification.
  • Download the previous year's papers to acquaint yourself with the important topics and the change in the trend of questions over a period of time.
  • Attempt as many mock tests as possible to keep up the time management skills.
  • Make an effective revision plan before the exam.

INET Exam Pattern 2023

Analyze the INET Exam Pattern for a better understanding before continuing your exam preparation. The exam is structured so that it includes a computer-based test and an SSB interview. There are 100 multiple-choice, objective-type questions on the test, broken up into four sections. The INET exam pattern is described below:


Number of Questions

Maximum Marks

Reasoning and Numerical Ability



English Language



General Knowledge



General Science and Mathematical Aptitude






Note: Each section consists of 25 questions. For every correct answer, 4 marks will be awarded, and one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Also, with the help of the INET Mock Tests, you will be able to analyze your performance and maintain a standard in order to attempt the questions with ease.


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FAQs on INET Syllabus 2023

  • The INET Syllabus 2023 includes English, Reasoning & Numerical Ability, General Science & Mathematical Aptitude, and General Knowledge. The syllabus adheres to graduation-level standards.

  • Comprehension, word usage, sentence completion and correction, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, antonyms and synonyms, parts of speech, direct and indirect speech, idioms and phrases, active and passive voice, etc. are all included in the INET English syllabus.

  • The INET syllabus for Reasoning includes topics like sequences, spelling, unscrambling, coding, and decoding, as well as spatial, numerical, reasoning, and associative ability.

  • The General Science portion of the INET syllabus includes questions on topics like the nature of matter, the universe, electricity and its applications, force and gravity, Newton's laws of motion, work, energy, and power, heat, temperature, light, current, magnetism, metals and non-metals, measurements, sound, and wave motion.

  • The INET General Knowledge syllabus includes topics like Indian History, Geography, Climate and Environment, Civics and the Indian Constitution, Art, Dance, Culture, Heritage, Religion, the Freedom Movement, Key National Statistics, Economics, Politics, Sports and Championships, and Entertainment.

  • As per the latest INET exam pattern, the exam is set up to consist of an SSB interview and a computer-based test. The exam consists of four sections with 100 multiple-choice, objective questions. There are 25 questions in each area. Four points will be given for each accurate response, and one point will be subtracted for each incorrect answer.

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