Indian Navy Tradesman Salary 2022: Salary Structure, Per Month

By Priya Gupta|Updated : August 29th, 2022

Indian Navy Tradesman salary 2022 for the candidates who pass the recruitment process and get selected is discussed here. The Navy offers a competitive salary, monthly perks, and a glorious job offer to ambitious recruits. Candidates who are participating in the ongoing recruitment process for the post of Tradesman must check out the Indian Navy salary details. This will give them a preview of the monthly payment they will be receiving working in the Navy.

Here, we have shared all the details of the Indian Navy Tradesman salary. Check out the per month salary, in–hand pay, salary structure, and information about the various allowances and perks that the selected candidates will receive. Find the details given below.

Indian Navy Tradesman Salary 2022

The authorities have shared the Indian Navy Tradesman salary details in an official notification, along with other details regarding the upcoming Indian Navy Tradesman exam. Candidates interested in the job must make themselves familiar with all the details regarding the monthly pay and allowances. We have shared all the information regarding the monthly pay, in-hand pay, salary structure, perks, and increments below. Get to know more about the Indian Navy Tradesman salary here.

Indian Navy Tradesman Salary Per Month

Having an idea about the Indian Navy Tradesman salary per month can help candidates in determining whether the job would be enough to sustain themselves. The Navy provides a handsome salary to selected candidates, along with a number of perks and additional benefits. Find out more about the per month pay for the Tradesman post below:

  • Grade pay of ₹1,800 will be provided to the recruits.
  • The candidate will receive a monthly pay of ₹18,000 - ₹56,900.
  • The gross Indian Navy Tradesman salary per month would be ₹25,000.
  • Additional benefits will also be provided.

Indian Navy Tradesman In-Hand Salary 

Indian Navy Tradesman in-hand salary was revised after the 7th pay commission. The details of the same are discussed here. The recruits are also entitled to a number of benefits and monthly allowances. Candidates must know the details about the Indian Navy Tradesman in-hand salary. Find all the information given below:

  • ₹18,000 is the base wage in the pay band level 1.
  • The gross salary is around ₹25,000.
  • The Grade Pay offered is ₹1,800. 

Indian Navy Tradesman Salary Structure

Candidates must know the Indian Navy Tradesman salary structure if they are applying for the upcoming exam. The details regarding the same have been shared here. According to the structure, the candidates will receive monthly payments, and additional benefits. Find out the complete salary structure in the table below:

Indian Navy Tradesman Mate Salary Structure

Name of post

Tradesman Mate

Grade pay (₹)


Pay structure (₹)


Gross Salary (₹)



DA+HRA+TA etc.

Indian Navy Tradesman Salary - Allowances and Perks

Indian Navy Tradesman salary includes various allowances and perks that all the selected candidates receive on a monthly basis. Benefits such as house rent allowance, travel allowances, etc. are provided to all the employees. Here is the list of the allowances that candidates receive along with their monthly pay:

  • Medical facilities
  • Dearness allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Uniform allowance
  • Pension
  • Ease on long-term loans
  • Good scope of promotion
  • Job security along with social security

Indian Navy Tradesman Salary Increments

The career prospects within the Indian Navy are immense. Candidates selected in the ongoing recruitment program will receive increments along with their Indian Navy Tradesman mate salary on a periodic basis. The benefits and allowances they receive will also increase as the candidate progresses into the organization. The scope for Indian Navy Tradesman Mate promotion is also open to each and every employee.

Indian Navy Tradesman Job Profile

As a Tradesman Mate, the candidate will perform various tasks, according to the post they are working for. The candidate will be compensated with monthly pay and added benefits for their service. After the Indian Navy Tradesman salary, candidates can take an overview of the job profile here:

  • Assisting with ordinary office tasks such as diary, dispatch, and other computer-based tasks.
  • Parks, lawns, and potted plants, for example, require regular maintenance.
  • Working at the Shop/ Ship/ production/ maintenance.
  • Photocopying, FAX sending/ receiving, letters, and so on.
  • Working in various sections/units.
  • Performing tasks related to the trade that the candidate has been selected for.


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FAQs on Indian Navy Tradesman Salary

  • Indian Navy Tradesman salary is ₹18,000 - ₹56,900 per month. The salary depends on the post that the candidate has applied for. Candidates appearing for the upcoming exam must know all about the Tradesman mate monthly salary, and the additional benefits. Find information about the same here.

  • Indian Navy Tradesman in-hand salary was revised after the 7th pay commission. The in-hand pay the recruits receive is between ₹18,000 - ₹56,900. In addition to the in-hand pay, the candidates also receive some benefits like travel allowance, house rent allowance, etc.

  • The details on the Indian Navy Tradesman salary slip include details regarding deductions, information about allowances such as House Rent, Dearness, etc., and total and net earning details. Employees receive their Indian Navy Tradesman Mate salary slip every month.

  • Indian Navy salary for Tradesman Mate post is between ₹18,000 - ₹56,900. This is the monthly salary that the employees receive per month. In addition to the monthly in-hand salary, the employees also receive a number of benefits like House Rent, Dearness, Travel allowance, etc.

  • The perks given along with the Indian Navy Tradesman salary include Medical facilities, Dearness allowance, House rent allowance, Travel allowance, Uniform allowance, Pension, Good scope of promotion, Job security along with social security, etc.

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