In which of the following States meaning of Torang is Jungle? (1) Assam (2) Jharkhand (3) Mizoram (4) Odisha

By Ritesh|Updated : December 8th, 2022

The meaning of “Torang” is Jungle in Jharkhand state. The Kuduk Language is spoken by the Adivasis of Jharkhand, in which the Torand word is used to describe the Jungle. More than 20 lakh people of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and other regional areas, communicate in this language. Kuduk or Kuruk is the popular Dravid language. Mostly Kisan and Adivasi trivials people speak the Kuruk language.

Meaning of Torang as Jungle

Torang word is a Kuduk language word, and it means Jungle or Forest. A place where wild animals live near trees and mountains. The jungle is also known as a forest. Kuduk is one of the most spoken languages in Adivasi communities living in tribal areas of several states, including Jharkhand. It is a Dravidian language.

Who are Adivasis?

Adivasi people are those people who used to live near the forest and remain dependent on the jungle for their basic needs like food, medicine, etc. More than 8% of the country's total population is Adivasi, and they live in the jungles of various parts of the country. Kuduk is also a special community living in the forest and therefore their spoken language is termed Kuduk.

Adivasi Tribals live in the below-mentioned areas of the Indian States:

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Orissa
  • Gujarat
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Jharkhand
  • West Bengal
  • Assam
  • Manipur
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Tripura
  • Orissa

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FAQs on State where the meaning of Torang is jungle

  • The meaning of Torang is Jungle in the Jharkhand state. The Adivasis use this word in the Kuduk language. Adivasi people live in forests and mostly disconnect from modern society.

  • The meaning of the Torang word is forest or greenwood, where usually wild animals live. Torang is Kuduk Language and it is spoken by 2 million people who are living in the jungles of many states of India. Kuduk is a tribal community living in forests who speak Kuduk language.

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