In Which City India’s First Metro Rail was Started?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : June 28th, 2022

Kolkata metro holds the record of being India’s first metro service. It was introduced in the year 1984. It started from Esplanade to Bhowanipur (Now Netaji Bhawan) for 3.4 km and served 5 stations initially. The Kolkata Metro was India's first underground rail system, similar to the London tube system. This is a third rail DC-powered line.

Chennai MRTS was India's first elevated railway line, such as on the New York subway. It uses the common Indian Railway EMU, 25 kV AC overhead catenary. Then came the Delhi Metro, the first modern rail-based MRTS in India. Delhi metro is the largest metro network in India.

Metro Train in Cities of India

  1. Delhi Metro - Delhi NCR
  2. Kolkata metro
  3. Namma metro- Bengaluru
  4. Jaipur metro
  5. Mumbai metro Mumbai
  6. Rapid Metro Gurugram
  7. Kochi metro-
  8. Chennai metro
  9. Lucknow metro
  10. Hyderabad metro 

Present Condition of Kolkata Metro

Kolkata metro is a fast transit system in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. As of February 2021, it has two operational lines, a 31.36 km (19.49 mi) from Dakshineswar to Kavi Subhash, and a 6.9 km (4.3 mi)line from Salt Lake Sector V to Phoolbagan with a total of 38.26 km. (23.77 miles).

Four other lines are in different stages of construction. The system includes a mixture of underground, at-grade, and elevated stations that use both broad-gauge and standard-gauge tracks. The trains run between 07:00 and 22:30 IST and the fare ranges from ₹5 to ₹25.

Milestones of Kolkata Metro

  • The foundation stone of Metro Railway Kolkata was laid on December 29, 1972.
  • On 24 October 1984, India’s first metro was commissioned between Esplanade to Bhowanipore (now Netaji Bhawan), Kolkata.
  • 22 August 2009, part of the new section of 5.89 km from Mahanayak Uttam Kumar to Kavinajrul Commissioned.
  • 13 February 2022, Phase-I of the East-West Corridor between Salt Lake has been inaugurated Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium.


In Which city India’s First Metro Rail was started?

Kolkata Metro started its journey in the year 1984 from Esplanade to Bhowanipur. It covers initially a distance of 3.4 KM. The Kolkata Metro is the first underground metro rail system in India. Now Kolkata Metro covers two operational lines from Dakhineswar to Kabi Subhash and Saltlake Sector V to Phoolbagan.

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In Which City India’s First Metro Rail was Started FAQs

  • India’s first metro rail service was introduced in Kolkata inspiring the idea of the honorable chief minister of West Bengal, Sri Bidhan Chandra Roy. It started from Esplanade to Bhowanipur. It covers an initial distance of 3.4 KM.

  • Delhi metro has the largest network in India. Delhi Metro has the largest operational metro area with a distance of 348.5 KM across Delhi NCR. Also, it is known as the lifeline of National Captial Region.

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