In How Many Periods can the History of a Country be Divided?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The history of a country can be divided into three major periods that are Ancient, Medieval and Modern. With respect to the History of India as well, it has been divided into these three major periods of Ancient India, Medieval India and Modern India. Mainly, Ancient and Medieval India is considered the most famous period in the complete history of India. This is due to the fact that a number of dynasties, kingdoms, and rulers existed during these two periods.

Ancient Indian history is mainly composed of the Vedic society and includes many famous dynasties such as the Mauryans, Guptas, Pallavas and Cholas. The Medieval Indian period majorly saw the domination of the Islamic dynasties.

Periods of Indian History

Indian history, just like any other country, is divided into three main periods, which are as follows:

  • Ancient India - This period of Indian history was initially composed of the Vedic society. The political organization moved along the concept of Mahajanpadas. It also included many famous dynasties such as the Mauryans, Guptas, Pallavas and Cholas. This period of history introduces India's early agriculture and culture.
  • Medieval India - This period witnessed the invasion of India by the Islamic dynasties. The medieval period of Indian history experienced the domination of the Sultanates and Mughals. This also led to many good developments from religion, art and architectural point of view.
  • Modern India - This period majorly talks about the struggle of India for independence from British rule and eventually becoming a free democratic country.

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  • The Ancient and Medieval periods are considered as the most famous periods in the complete history of India.

  • The Medieval period in Indian history witnessed growth and development in religion, art, and architecture aspects.

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