Important Topics of Programming and Data Structures for GATE Computer Science

By Kajal Vats|Updated : August 12th, 2021

Data Structure & Programming is a very important subject as it covers all the basic concepts that are used in the Computer Science branch. This subject is full consists of the programming techniques which are required at the highest priority in the Computer Science field. It also carries a good amount of weightage in the GATE CS exam and all PSU exams. Also, many questions are asked from this subject in interviews of both the public and private sectors.

So, here, we are providing a list of important topics of the Data Structure asked in GATE and Computer Science engineering exams. While preparing for this subject, we advise you to not miss any of these topics because they are asked for the maximum time in GATE and other exams.

Programming & Data Structure Topics Covered in GATE Previous Papers

 GATE 2020GATE 2019GATE 2018GATE 2017GATE 2016GATE 2015
Average marks1214912.511.512
Topics CoveredMST, Binary heap,C- programming, Balanced Binary Search Tree, Post order traversal, Arrays and PointersC Programming, Recursion, Trees, HeapsC Programming, Queues, Linked List, Depth First Traversal, String FunctionsPrograms, Linked list, Queue, Trees, Functions using static variables and pointers, Linked list, structure

Algorithm Analysis; Stacks and Queues; Height Balanced Trees; Queues; Heaps.,Quick Sort, C Programming

Stack And Queues, Trees, Height Balanced Tree(AVL Tree, BTree), C Programming, Data Structure, Hashing.

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Important Topics to Prepare for GATE 2021-22

The following are the topics that must be prepared for the GATE Computer Science exam on the basis of previous years analysis : 

  • Programming in C
    • Basic loops (For, while, do while)
    • Switch case
    • Pointers
    • Type Casting
    • String Manipulation 

  • Arrays
    • Single Dimensional Array (Finding address of given random element)
    • 2-Dimensional Array (Finding address of given random element)
    • 3-Dimensional Array (Finding address of given random element)
    • Storing lower triangular matrix in array
    • Storing upper triangular matrix in array

  • Graph Traversals
    • Breadth-First Traversal
    • Depth First Traversal

  • Trees
    • Binary Search Tree
      • Insertion/Deletion
      • Membership Test time complexity
      • Identifying the operation done on BST by given code

    • AVL Tree
      • Insertion/Deletion
      • Counting Rotations
      • Membership Test time complexity

  • Linked List
    • Single Linked List
    • Double Linked List
    • Circular Linked List
    • Identifying the final linked list after executing the given code

  • Queue
    • Rear/Front Pointer
    • Priority Queue
    • Double Ended Queue

  • Stack
    • Recursion
    • Ackermann's Relation
    • Infix to Prefix/Postfix conversions
    • Postfix Evaluation
    • Tower of Hanoi

So these are the important topics in programming and data structures subject. Preparing these topics will cover almost the entire subject which will help you to score maximum marks in this subject.

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