Important Topics In Digital Logic Study Notes for GATE & Computer Science Engineering Exams

By Kajal Vats|Updated : December 4th, 2020

Digital logic is nothing but representation of signals and sequences of a digital circuit through  numbers. It is the basic for digital computing and provides a fundamental understanding on how circuits and hardware communicate within a computer. Here is the list of some important topics of digital logic so that one can focus on these topics while preparing and prepare accordingly.

  • Boolean Algebra and Minimization
    • Binary Representation/ Codes
    • Binary Arithmetic
    • (r-1) & r's Complement
    • Logic Gates
    • Properties of Logic Gates
    • Implementation using NAND / NOR gates
    • Function minimization
    • Boolean Algebra Laws
    • Boolean Algebra Theorems
    • Canonical Form Of Representation
    • K- Map
    • Minimization using K- Map
  • Combinational Circuits
    • Half Adder/ Subtractor
    • Full Adder/ Subtractor
    • Multiplexer
    • Demultiplexer
    • Encoders
    • Decoders
    • Priority Encoder
    • Priority Decoder
    • Carry Look Ahead Adder Circuit
    • Comparator Circuit
    • Cascaded Circuit
    •  Code Conversion Circuits
  • Sequential Circuits
    • Flip-Flops
    • Characteristic Equation and Excitation table of flip- flop
    • Flip-Flop Conversions
    • Registers
    • Synchronous Counter
    • Asynchronous Counter

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