Important Reasoning Ability Topics for SBI Clerk Prelims 2023 Exam

By Amrit Gouda|Updated : May 11th, 2023

The Reasoning Ability section is considered one of the most difficult sections of the SBI Clerk prelims exam. So it must be completed on time to score well in this section. Here, we will discuss important topics and preparation strategies to prepare the reasoning section for the SBI Clerk exam 2023. The candidate with high logical reasoning can do well in this section.

Every year State Bank of India conducts the SBI Clerk exam. This year also the notification is expected in April/Mary 2023. Students should target to finish the reasoning syllabus in time so that they can get ample time for revision. With consistency and hard work, one can cover the reasoning syllabus in no time.

Important Topics For Reasoning Ability SBI Clerk Exam

The important topics for reasoning ability are syllogism, coding-decoding, ranking and order puzzles, and so on. Here is a table showing you the topics and the questions each topic carries. Go through the SBI Clerk syllabus to understand the important chapters to cover while preparing.

Name of the topic

Questions covered


Puzzles and seating arrangement















Blood relation



Data sufficiency



Input-output questions



Alphabet/alphanumeric series



Order and ranking



Preparation Tips For SBI Clerk Prelims 2023 Reasoning Ability

The reasoning ability section holds the maximum marks weightage along with the numerical ability (35 questions, each of 1 mark). So you have to attempt 25-30 questions correctly to score maximum marks. Check out the important tips to keep in mind while preparing for reasoning ability for the SBI Clerk prelims exam.

  • As this section holds maximum marks weightage, you need to give a deep focus to this section. Collect previous exam sample papers and practice them every day.
  • Take the help of video tutorials one week before your exam date to see whether all the topics are covered or not.
  • The most important thing to consider is time management. Practice mock test papers daily and set a time for each module. Try to complete the questions in the given time frame.
  • Avoid guesses. Solve the ones you feel confident about.
  • Don’t ever start the reasoning section with puzzle-type and seating arrangement questions. Doing this can consume the whole time and you won’t be able to attempt other easy questions.
  • Just give a quick glance at all the questions before starting and solve the ones you think won’t waste your time.
  • Go through the SBI Clerk question paper to know the level of the previous year's exam and the kinds of questions asked.
  • You need to be accurate and quick while solving these questions as one wrong answer deducts 0.25 marks.

All set to rock your exam day? These tips will help you to perform your reasoning section carefully. Prepare yourself well before the exam. Don't overburden yourself that may affect your performance.

Topic-wise Reasoning Ability Tips for SBI Clerk Prelims

In order to excel in the logical reasoning section, you will have to practice a number of questions in less time. If prepared well enough, this section can help you score good marks. Let us take a look at some important reasoning ability topics for SBI Clerk Prelims-


Initially, puzzle-solving seems difficult for most of us, but once the concepts are clear they are the easiest ones to solve.

  • When solving puzzles, always start with the information that is given clearly not with the possibility one as this will lead to more confusion. At last, you won’t be able to derive a result.
  • These questions are somewhat similar to seating arrangements topics. Gather all the possibilities in such situations and then solve them. Initially, you won't get them at once but with practice, you'll get the technique of solving them.


Inequality is another important chapter that falls under the concept of reasoning ability. It covers mathematical equations followed by different conclusions. You will have to select the right conclusion to solve the question.

  • Keep in mind the general rules of inequality. The basic knowledge of elementary mathematics is of great use as this will help you score well in this section.
  • You’ll find 5 questions from this topic in the paper. Out of the 5, 3 are easy to solve. Try to identify the easy ones and solve them. Also, leave the difficult ones if you are not able to solve them within time.
  • Since these questions are a little confusing, try to note down the possible connections from the statements provided before jumping to the right answer.

Seating arrangements

There are mainly two types of questions that are linear and circular seating arrangements. In such questions, start with the information that seems clear as per your understanding take it as a base and use the possible information to find the right answer. While practicing, never ever start with negative information. For instance, Y is not standing to the right of Z or X is the immediate right of V as this won’t help you and will leave you with no clue.

People often get confused while deciding left or right positions and solving circular seating arrangements. Make it easy by keeping yourself in that situation and you can determine the left and right easily using this technique.


Syllogism is one of the trickier topics of reasoning these days. The question consists of 2-3 statements and 4-5 conclusions.

  • Syllogism questions can be solved using Venn diagrams as it's the simplest way of solving them. You also need to understand the statements properly to picture them.
  • The statement and conclusion cannot be the same. If both appear to be the same, that result will not follow the given statements. Keep these things in your mind. It’ll help you save time.


In coding-decoding, the questions consist of sentences and codes. The code is given along with each sentence. The questions are easy and fun to solve.

Coding questions with numbers are easy as compared to the questions with the sentence. Read the given sentences carefully to find the code of the word. In this case, look for the sentences that hold the common word so that you can figure out which is the required code.

Ranking and order

These are quite easy and direct questions. Like any other topic, this topic also demands practice. Practice as much as you can. This will help you solve them fast on your exam day.

Blood relations

There is no denying the fact that these questions are pretty interesting to solve. To solve the blood relation question, one must know about all the family relations.

For a better understanding, you can draw the family tree based on the statements. Once you are aware of the family relations, the next step is to draw a family tree. With consistent practice, you find them easy to solve.


Series questions are based on numerical sequences and are always asked in banking examinations. You have to find the logic in the given series. Some questions are easy to do. On the other hand, some are a bit tricky to solve.

Practice different types of series of questions to understand the logic behind them. And if you don’t get these questions in exams, then don’t mess up with your mind.

Data sufficiency

Data sufficiency isn’t a new area. These questions are based on topics that we have already discussed above. For instance coding-decoding, ranking, seating arrangement, puzzle, etc.

In SBI Clerk Prelims, 3-5 questions will be given to you from this area. Read the questions very carefully and use the tricks to solve such questions. This won’t consume much time.

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FAQs On Important Reasoning Ability Topics for SBI Clerk

  • First, know the exam pattern and syllabus. Then make a plan according to your strengths and weakness and stick to it. Focus on basic concepts and take mock tests. Consistent practice is highly essential to ace SBI Clerk exam.

  • Just go through the important concepts of the basic chapter and practice as many questions as possible. The reasoning is the most scoring subject if prepared well with a study plan. Candidates should focus on basic concepts as it is the sole foundation to score good marks in this section.

  • The official SBI Clerk notification is yet to be released. State Bank of India releases a notification every year to recruit candidates for various posts in the banking sector. Candidates must keep up with their practice and revision as the notification will be released soon.

  • At BYJU'S Exam Prep app or website, one can practice Reasoning questions for the SBI Clerk exam. It is a section based on formulas, numerical and basic concepts. Regular practice will aid candidates to qualify this section easily.

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