Most Important & Expected Topics for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020

By Akshay Khandelwal|Updated : September 23rd, 2020

Most Important & Expected Topics for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020! We are sharing here Important topics for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2020. The prelims exam is going to be conducted on 5th, 12th & 13th December 2020. This is indeed a good opportunity for the candidates who are interested to make a career in the government banking sector

Important & Expected topics for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020

It is very necessary to have a clear idea about the syllabus and pattern of the IBPS clerk prelims. We have shared the syllabus and exam pattern for IBPS clerk prelims you can go through these from the links given. 

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Through this post, you will understand, what are some of the most important topics of the syllabus that can be asked in upcoming IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020. There are 3 sections in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English language. The Prelims exam is of 100 marks, which consists of 100 questions. It is necessary to clear the sectional as well as the overall cutoff in the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam to crack the exam. To prepare for this in a smart manner, go through the below article thoroughly- 

English Language Topics

This section of the prelims consists of 30 questions in exams in which each question carries one mark Resulting in 30 marks in total. The pattern of the English language has also been changed in the IBPS clerk prelims Exam recently. Go through the following important topics to crack IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020 with a good score:

1. Reading Comprehension- 

This is a must come topic in the English language. You can expect a minimum of 5 to 10 questions from this section of the IBPS clerk exam syllabus. Reading comprehension is of two types. Story-based and scenario-based. In clerical level exams, mostly story-based RCs are asked. If it is story-based then the best approach is to go through the passage first at a glance and then read the questions and answer them one by one by reading the passage.

In complex RCs, it is advisable to go through the questions asked first and then try to find out the answer to those questions. Enhance your vocabulary by reading newspapers and articles daily. Also, practice different levels of Reading comprehension regularly to boost up your reading speed and question answering speed. You can check your speed through our quizzes on reading comprehension.

How to solve Reading Comprehension Efficiently

2. Cloze test

This is another important topic for upcoming IBPS Clerk Prelims exam. In this, you have given 5 or 10 blanks in between a passage, which you are required to fill. A scenario or story may be given. Practice, good knowledge of Grammar rules and good vocab are key to score well in cloze test. Be well familiar with rules of Prepositions and conjunctions especially. 

Different types of cloze test

3. Spotting errors/Sentence Improvement

You can expect 5-10 questions from this topic. The candidates are required to find out the grammatical or phrasal error in the given sentence. Learn the error spotting rules and practice questions of various type to excel these questions. Go through all the important rules and Common errors shared in Grammar Scholar topics. Articles, conditional sentences, Tenses, Singular, plural, Sentence Correction, Subject-Verb Agreement are some of the most important topics in error spotting questions.

How to solve new pattern spotting error & sentence correction questions 

Tips to solve error spotting questions

4. Para jumbles/Sentence Rearrangement

5 questions can be asked from this topic in the IBPS clerk prelims. In this, a misarranged paragraph is given and you need to arrange this paragraph appropriately. Try to identify the first and last line of the paragraph, because it is very easy to pick. In rest questions, if you are confused between two-three options then better leave it instead of fetching negative marks.

Questions can also be asked in the form of sentence rearrangement. In this, a sentence is divided into several parts. Candidates are required to arrange the sentence properly in a meaningful way.

How to solve Parajumble questions

5. Odd one out

This has come up as another important topic in recent IBPS clerk exams. This is not difficult. In the questions of this topic, the candidates are required to identify one sentence which is different from another given option. Identify the theme of all the sentences and then see which option is not matching that theme. Practice questions from the sources available to be well versed in this topic. For example, if four sentences are talking about the advantages of something, and one sentence is talking about the disadvantage of it or one sentence is completely different then this sentence will be the correct choice of Odd one out questions.

How to solve odd one out questions

6. Fillers 

Fill in the blanks(Double Fillers/Single Fillers) topic is also very important for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam. At first, read the given sentence completely without looking at the options. Understand the context of the sentence. Recognize what should be the tone of the words to fill in the blanks. Go through the options and eliminate the unsuitable options. When you have more than one blank in a sentence, the elimination trick is really effective.

How to solve fillers questions

7. Match the column

For the Prelims level exam, this topic has came out as an important topic. You can expect 5 questions from this topic in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020. Students are required to match both the columns in a way that all the sentences are connected properly. The first column consists of the first half of these sentences and the second column consists of the second half of these sentences. Match the sentences one by one so as to form a meaningful as well as the grammatically correct sentence.

How to solve Match the column questions

8. Para completion

This is a new but important topic keeping in mind the current IBPS clerk exam pattern. One blank is given anywhere in the paragraph. Either at the starting or the middle or at the end of the para. The candidates are required to choose one option which fills that blank aptly without changing the theme of the paragraph. To solve this question, the candidates need to read the paragraph and the options given attentively.

9. Phrase Replacement

 This topic is more like sentence correction topic. The candidates are required to have a good knowledge of phrases and phrasal verbs to solve the questions correctly.

How to solve Phrase Replacement Questions

Important Idioms, Phrases and Phrasal Verbs

To know how well you are equipped in this section, try our English language quiz

Quantitative Aptitude Topics

1. Simplification/Approximation

This is an important topic for clerical level exams. You can expect 10 and even 15 questions from this topic of the syllabus This is a very scoring topic if your practice is good, so you must try our section on numerical ability. You can really score well in this topic, you only need to follow BODMAS Rule to solve questions. Tables (1-40),  Square(1-30), Cubes(1-20), Square roots, cube roots should be on your tips to solve questions in a fast manner. For this, you must know the tricks to find out square, cubes, square roots and cube roots. Practice different levels of questions to score well in the examination. 

How to solve Simplification Questions

How to solve Approximation Questions

2. Number series

Number series is a very scoring topic of the syllabus. 5 questions can be asked from this topic. Through practice, you can excel in this topic. There are very common patterns, for example, Square pattern, cube, prime number pattern, difference pattern, a difference of difference pattern, which you should be familiar with. Apart from these, there is various kind of number series pattern based on multiplication, addition and division, Practice a good number of questions of different level to fix these 5 marks in IBPS clerk prelims. If you have practised enough number of Number series questions then you will take very less time in solving these in the exam.

How to solve Number Series Questions

3. Data Interpretation

There can be minimum 1 means 5 questions and maximum 2 sets of DI  means 10 questions of Data Interpretation in Prelims exam. Data interpretation includes topics of Bar graph, tabular DI, Pie Chart. Do not use calculator while solving DI at home. Try to get an answer by looking at the DI itself instead of writing every time. Sharpen your percentage, average, ratio topics and calculation skills.

How to solve Data Interpretation Questions

4. Quadratic Equation

 This is a scoring topic that requires good observation of equations and then good observation of the values of x and y.

How to solve Quadratic Equations

5. Arithmetic Problems

There are 10-12 questions from the Arithmetic Problems part in the prelims. They include Percentage, Ratios & Proportions, Profit & Loss, Partnerships, Problems on Ages, SI and CI, Problems on trains, boats and streams, Probability etc. Focus on the chapters of Average, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Partnerships, Profit & loss and Time and work/ wages.

6. Data Sufficiency

There can be 5 questions from this in the exam. They will be a combination of all the miscellaneous topics Which are mentioned above. In this, the candidates are required to find whether the given statements are sufficient to solve the questions or not.

You can score well if you practice a lot with our Quantitative Aptitude quizzes.

Reasoning Ability Topics

This section will consist of 35 questions. Each question is of one mark. So the total marks allotted for this section is 35. You can know the section better if you look at our page for reasoning ability.

1. Puzzles/Seating Arrangement

10-15 questions are asked from this topic generally. Also, 20 questions can be asked. Seating arrangement includes linear arrangement, circular arrangement, Square arrangement etc. The puzzle can be of various types, for example, Scheduling based puzzle, comparison based puzzle, etc. Practice is the only key to be excel in puzzle and seating arrangement.Always practice puzzles and seating arrangements with a timer. With regular practice, you will be able to solve the puzzles and seating arrangements accurately in the exam in minimum time. Be well acquainted with the left and right sides for all the cases such as persons facing inwards, outwards, towards East/West/North/South Directions.

How to solve Puzzles

How to solve Seating Arrangement Questions

2. Blood relations

Normally 2-3 questions can be asked from this section of the syllabus. These can be asked in two types, Either direct blood relation or coded blood relation. Blood relations are also mixed with puzzles or seating arrangements sometimes. Be well familiar with the generation tree and relationship tree to score in these questions. Recheck the answer always. Let say Ram is the father of Shyam, so if the question is What is the relation of Ram with Shyam, then answer will be Father. But if the question is what is the relation of Shyam with Ram, then answer will be Son. Understand these very well.

How to solve Blood Relation Questions

3. Direction Sense

2-3 questions are asked from this topic in IBPS clerk exam 2017. You can easily solve these questions if your concepts are clear. You need to find out the particular direction and distance in direction sense questions. Always draw the lines while solving these questions to avoid any mistake. Be well familiar with the directions and left-right sides.

How to solve Direction Sense Questions

4. Alphanumeric Series/Number Series/Alphabet Series

This is easy to score topic if you look at the series given attentively. The questions are easy, you need to be good with concepts of Left/Right from the series and other concepts of this topic. Practice more questions to avoid any mistakes in the exam.

5. Syllogism

You can expect 5 questions from this topic. The question asked can be of two types, which conclusion logically follows or which conclusion does not follow logically. A new pattern of Reverse syllogism has also been introduced in the exam. Practice it well to score these 5 marks. It is nothing new, the same concepts are applied, it is just a little more time taking than the old pattern.

How to solve Syllogism Questions

6. Inequality

This is a topic to fetch sure shot 5 marks in IBPS Clerk Prelims. This is a very scoring topic. There are two types of inequality, direct and indirect or coded equalities. Be thorough with the concepts of this topic.

How to solve Inequality Questions

7. Input-Output: 

Input-output has also emerged as an important topic for the Prelims Exam. The level of the questions will be easy to moderate. Understand the concepts well and practice Input-output questions so that you can solve them easily if asked in the exam.

How to solve Input-output questions

To perform well in this section, take our Reasoning Ability quizzes.

This was all regarding the Most Important & Expected Topics for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020. If you have any queries/feedback feel free to ask us in the comment section. Your all the queries will be answered over there. 

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