Important Topics to Prepare for ESE Civil Engineering 2022 Exam

By Mrinmay Ganguly|Updated : January 27th, 2022

ESE is the most prestigious exam to take if you want to serve the Central Government as an engineer. So, in order to study for the ESE 2022 exam, it is critical that you be familiar with the important ESE 2022 Civil Engineering topics where questions have been asked on a regular basis in previous examinations.

The ESE Prelims 2022 will be held on 20th February 2022, at various test centres in India. It is vital that you stay on track with your preparations. This article provides a list of important topics for the ESE IES Civil Engineering Exam. Aspirants should go over those topics over immediately in order to improve their confidence before the ESE Civil 2022 exam.

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ESE 2022 Exam Pattern for Civil Engineering

The exam pattern is given below in detail for the Prelims and Mains exams for ESE CE 2022 Exam.

ESE Preliminary Exam




Paper I: General Studies and Engineering Aptitude Paper

200 Marks

2 Hours

Paper-II: Civil Engineering Paper

300 Marks

3 Hours


500 Marks

5 Hours

ESE Main Exam





Paper I: Civil Engineering subject

6-8 Questions


3 Hours

Paper-II: Civil Engineering subject

6-8 Questions


3 Hours

ESE 2022: Most Important Topics for Civil Engineering

Based on the past trends of ESE papers, we have listed the most important topics from the technical subjects of Civil Engineering and a major part of the questions in the upcoming ESE examination will be from these topics only.

S. No.SubjectImportant Topics

Structural Engineering

Deflection of Beams
Kinematic & Static Indeterminacy
Combined Stress
Moment Distribution Method

Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Index Properties
The behaviour of Sand & Clay
Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation
Seepage Analysis
Effect of Water Table on Soil

Water Resources Engineering

Fluid Kinetics
Fluid Properties
Water Requirement for Crops
Turbulent Flow
Boundary Analysis
Open Channel Flow

Environmental Engineering

Noise Pollution
Sedimentation Tank
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Mixing of Pollutants from two streams
Trickling Filter
Hardness of Water
Activated Sludge Process

Transportation Engineering

Sigh distances
Cross-Sectional Elements
Types of Pavements and their Characteristics
Highway Capacity
Marshell Mix Design
Traffic Control Devices

Geomatics Engineering

Error Measurement

Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Probability and Statistics
Eigen Values
Newton’s and Lagrange Polynomials

ESE Prelims CE 2021: Topic-wise Full Detailed Analysis


Weightage Analysis for ESE 2021

QuestionsMajor Topics Covered 
Difficulty Level% Marks
Strength of Materials (SOM)Tough9%Principal Stress and Springs
Soil MechanicsModerate7%Properties of Soil, Earth Pressure and Ground Improvement Techniques
Foundation EngineeringEasy1%Shallow Foundation
Engineering HydrologyModerate3% Channel Routing, Flood Routing and Ground-water Hydrology
Highway EngineeringModerate5% Geometric Design, Pavement Design and Traffic Engg
SurveyingModerate8% Remote Sensing, Compass Surveying
Irrigation EngineeringModerate6% Water Requirements, Canal and Dams
Construction Materials and ManagementModerate19% Building Construction, Project Management and Timber
Design of Steel StructuresModerate9% Compression Members, Tension Members (Codal Provisions)
Fluid Mechanics & HydraulicsEasy to Moderate9% 

Fluid Kinematics and Hydraulic Machines

Railways, Airport and TunnelingEasy3% Tunnelling and Geometric Design
Structural AnalysisEasy to Moderate4% Determinacy and Structural Dynamics
Design of Concrete StructuresModerate9% Codal Provisions, Fundamentals of RCC
Environmental EngineeringModerate7% 

Water Supply Engg and Waste Water Engg

ESE Study Material for Civil Engineering Paper

The study materials for the ESE Civil Engineering Paper 1 & 2 are provided below.

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  • Based on the past trends of ESE papers, Geotechnical, Environment, RCC, Structure are the most important subjects of Civil Engineering for the ESE Exam.

  • In ESE Civil Engineering Paper, Geotechnical, Environment, RCC are having more weightage of marks than other subjects.

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