Important Technical questions for ESE Civil Engineering (CE) interview

By Sachin Singh|Updated : October 9th, 2018

Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is one of the most prestigious examinations conducted in India by UPSC. It gives an opportunity to engineers to work under the government of India and designated as Class – 1 officer in public sectors such as Indian Railways, Power, Telecommunications, Central Water Engineering, Defence service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service, etc. The ESE examination paper is conducted for four branches: Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.  Here we are providing all important as well as mostly asked technical questions which were asked in previous ESE interviews and will be useful for ESE 2018 interview.

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  • Application of venturimeter?
  • Can you name some disaster that occurs due to water?
  • Composition of cement?
  • Define a flexibility matrix?
  • Define the curve between stress & strain for mild steel?
  • Define the terms porosity & void ratio?
  • Describe various theories of failure?
  • Design data for continuous beam by working stress method?
  • Difference between a cement mortar & concrete?
  • Difference between Concrete & steel bridge?
  • Difference between consolidation & compaction?
  • Difference between delta & duty?
  • Difference between resource levelling & resource allocation?
  • Difference between rigid pavement & flexible pavement?
  • Difference between shallow & deep foundation?
  • Difference between under bridge & road over bridge?
  • Difference is the between ultimate stress philosophy & working stress philosophy?
  • Do you know why the compressive strength of steel is more than tensile strength of steel?
  • Do you know flexural strength of concrete in rigid pavement?
  • Draw the diagram explaining the difference?
  • Draw the shear force & bending moment diagram for a fixed beam with udl?
  • Draw rough sketch of a culvert?
  • Explain Archimedes’ principle?
  • Explain bituminous mix design?
  • Explain hardy cross methods?
  • Explain isohyetal method?
  • Explain modulus of subgrade reaction?
  • Explain the basic properties of steel?
  • Explain the phenomenon of lique faction, boiling of sand & quick sand?
  • Explain working of a total station?
  • For what value of Reynolds’s number the flow is laminar in pipe?
  • Function of railways slepper, ballast & rail?
  • How a concrete mix is designed?
  • How can you measure the workability of concrete at site?
  • How do you measure discharge in an open channel flow?
  • How does snow causes landslide?
  • How to decrease the thickness of a two way slab?
  • Lacey's & kennedy method of design of canal?
  • Method of irrigation?
  • Method of seepage control in earthen dam?
  • Minimum cover for a RCC column & a slab?
  • Name the constituents of cement?
  • Name the type of spillway gates that are used in dam?
  • RCC column and footing design?
  • Tell me the definition of topography?
  • What are the various types of geosynthetics?
  • What are principle stresses?
  • What are river training works?
  • What are the causes of failure of barrage?
  • What are the various data required for design of aquifer?
  • What are the various factors to be considered in spillway design?
  • What are the various factors to be considered while designing an earth quake resistance structure?
  • What are the various factors to be considered while lying out of a runway?
  • What are the various losses in a pipe flow?
  • What are the various types of surveying?
  • What are the various types of road?
  • What are types of plastering?
  • What are various Atterberg limits?
  • What are various energy methods?
  • What are E-coli bacteria?
  • What do you know about green building? Do you know any such building in India?
  • What do you know about relative stiffness of concrete?
  • What do you understand by index properties of soil?
  • What do you understand by hydro static pressure?
  • What equipment is used to gauge the depth of ground water table?
  • What grade of steel is most commonly used in RCC work and why?
  • What is a framed structure and name some load bearing kind of structure?
  • What is a pre-stressed pier?
  • What is a water hammer? How it is prevented?
  • What is active earth pressure & passive earth pressure?
  • What is anchorage length?
  • What is bending moment diagram?
  • What is BOD & COD?
  • What is broad crested weir?
  • What is Buoyancy?
  • What is carbon credit?
  • What is catchment area of a dam?
  • What is C soil?
  • What is column base?
  • What is counterfort retaining wall?
  • What is cross drainage works?
  • What is difference between fluid kinematics & fluid statics?
  • What is difference between hydraulic and hydrologic routing?
  • What is the difference between under-reinforced & over-reinforced section?
  • What is difference between WSM & LSM?
  • What is drag line?
  • What is drop panel?
  • What is Euler's law?
  • What is fibre reinforced concrete?
  • What is finite element method of design?
  • What is fly ash content in coal?
  • What is gable frame? Show the reinforcement detailing for a gable frame
  • What is indeterminacy of a structure?
  • What is inter-river connection project?
  • What is mechanical gauge?
  • What is negative superelevation?
  • What is our national water policy?
  • What is piping and how one can ensure safety against piping?
  • What is pre-stressed concrete?
  • What is project crashing & resource levelling?
  • What is the reciprocating pump?
  • What is self-compacting concrete?
  • What is shear force diagram?
  • What is SPT number?
  • What is TBM (temporary bench mark)?
  • What is the application of water hammer?
  • What is the degree of indeterminacy of a two hinged arc ?
  • What is the design philosophy of a two way slab?
  • What is the difference between CPM & PERT?
  • What is the difference between an impulse & reaction turbine?
  • What is the difference between gyrones & spurs?
  • What is the difference between water shed & ridge alignment?
  • What is the distribution system of your local area?
  • What is the function of ballast?
  • What is the function of weep hole?
  • What is the importance of reinforced section?
  • What is the maximum level of water in stream called?
  • What is the Method of measuring precipitation?
  • What is the relation between strength of a cube & strength of a cylinder?
  • What is the Role of torsional reinforcement in slabs?
  • What is the role of transverse bar in column?
  • What is the various method of alignment of road?
  • What is the various method of canal layout?
  • What is the various method of tunneling in hard rock?
  • What is TMT bar & how it is different from HYSD bar?
  • What is unique gauge policy in railway?
  • What is unit hydrograph?
  • What is various water borne diseases?
  • What is water hammer pressure? How do we prevent it?
  • What is weber's number?
  • What is well logging?
  • What is wind rose diagram?
  • What is code of OPC for different grade?
  • What is cone of depression?
  • What is the difference between weir & a barrage?
  • What is effect of fluoride in drinking water?
  • What is factor of safety ?
  • What is heat of hydration and what is its role in setting?
  • What is landslide?
  • What is problem in doing work with flexible pavement?
  • What is super elevation?
  • What kind of pump is commonly used in concrete pumping?
  • What kind of software is presently used in structural analysis?
  • What steps should we take when one of the spillway gate is rusted and is taken to the workshop for repair, to stop the overflow?
  • What types of members are constructed in pre-stressed concrete?
  • What will happen when ballast is not laid below railway track?
  • What are the various earth compacting instruments?
  • What are the various kind of connection used in steel structure?
  • What are the various kinds of soil?
  • What are various types of column?
  • What are the various kinds of roofs?
  • What the factors to be considered while designing a road on curve?
  • Which kind of building you live in? Is it a load bearing kind or framed?
  • Which type of steel is used in off-shore structure for making a column?
  • Why rail wagon have their opening at the bottom?
  • Why ballast has been used below railway track?
  • Why ballast is not used in metro railway track?
  • Why curing is done?
  • Why gypsum is added into cement?
  • Why mild steel is commonly used in earth quake resistant structure?
  • Why pre-stressed is in sleepers?

We advised to all of you make a short note of the answers of the above questions and revise it as many times as possible before the ESE interview. This may also help you to score good marks in an interview for Civil Engineering job.


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