Important Phrasal Verbs for SSC CGL & CHSL Exams (Part-2)!

By Neha Goyal|Updated : January 23rd, 2018

As per the demand of the students, we are sharing the 2nd article of Phrasal Verb. Phrasal Verbs are frequently asked in SSC CGL & CHSL Exams. We have compiled 27 important phrasal verbs which are expected in SSC exams. You can also check the previous article of Phrasal Verb by clicking on the below link.

Phrasal Verbs for SSC Exams - Part 1

Important Phrasal Verbs for SSC Exams

1. Come off : to be successful (सफल होना)

Eg:  After toiling hard, Ramesh has finally come off in his IAS exam.

2. Cordon off : to seal a place (किसी स्थान की घेराबंदी करना)

Eg: The Police cordoned off the area, where the accident took place.

3. Count on : to depend on, to rely on (विश्वास करना या निर्भर रहना)

Eg:  Drishti always counts on her mother for her personal work as she is too lazy. (निर्भर रहती हैं)

Eg: Nowadays, it’s not safe to count on strangers. (विश्वाश करना)

4. Cut out for : to be suitable for (किसी कार्य के लिए उपयुक्त होना)

Eg:  The Candidate who will be cut out for the post,  will be recruited by our HR manager.

5. Deal in : to have business of (किसी चीज का व्यापर करना)

Eg:  Mr. Sinha deals in garment. (कपड़ो का व्यापर करते हैं)

6. Deal out : to distribute (वितरित करना)

Eg:  Our teacher dealt out the exam sheet.

7. Deal with : to treat with a person (किसी से व्यव्हार करना)

Eg: My aunt deals with everyone in a very kind way.

8. Do away with : to abolish/murder (समाप्त कर देना)

Eg: Hari was very disturbed with his family issue, he finally did away with it. (मुद्दों को सुलझा के समाप्त कर दिया)

9. Drop in/by : to visit informally (बिना पूर्व सूचना के आ जाना)

Eg: Yesterday, Our Principal madam dropped in class.

10. Egg on : to motivate (प्रेरित करना)

Eg: Our Parents always egg on us for our better career.

11. Fall for : fall in love with (आकर्षित होना)

Eg:  Jack fell for Jill in early school days.

12. Fall out (with) : to quarrel with (झगडा होना)

Eg: Yesterday, Our neighbors fell out on trivial matter.

13. Feel like : to be excited to do something (किसी काम को करने का इच्छुक होना)

Eg: Sachin loves cricket, he feels like to play it all time.

14. Figure out : to understand (समझ पाना)

Eg: The manager is trying to figure out the concept of new project.

15. Fizzle out : to weaken gradually (क्रमश कमजोर पड़ना)

Eg:  We were all excited about festivals in childhood, but the excitement has frizzled out. (त्योहारों का उत्साह धीरे धीरे कम हो गया हैं)

16. Gain on : to come close to (प्रतियोगिता में नजदीक होना)

Eg: Although Rita was an average student in beginning, she gained on topper of class in annual exams.

17. Get along (with someone) : to have a friendly relationship (दोस्ताना व्यव्हार होना)

Eg: Deepika gets along well with Ranvir.

18. Get away with : to do something illegal without being punished (गलत कम करके बिना सजा के बच के निकल जाना)

Eg: Though Rohan had commited crime, he got away with this.

19. Get over : to have control on (किसी पर काबू होना)

Eg: Parents should be able to get over their children.

20. Get on : to make progress (प्रगति करना)

Eg: Everyone can get on, if he/she works hard.

21. Get rid of : to leave, to dispose of, to throw away (छुटकारा पाना)

Eg: We were so irritated with the children, so we sent them out to play and got rid of disturbance.

22. Get through with : to complete a task (किसी कार्य को पूरा करना)

Eg: The marketing team has got through with its assignment.

23. Give away : to reveal the secret (रहस्य उजागर करना)

Eg: My friends were planning a surprise birthday  party but one of them was so excited that he gave away the plan.

24. Give in : to surrender (समर्पण करना)

Eg:  However, The king had struggled hard but at the end, he had to give in.

25. Give up : abandon (त्याग देना)

Eg: After watching the height of the mountain, we gave up our plan of climbing.

26. Go about : to move from place to place (एक जगह से दूसरी जगह जाना)

Eg: Government employees go about in town and villages for the social campaign.

27. Go along with : to agree (सहमत होना)

Eg:  My boss went along with me on the idea regarding the upcoming project.

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