Important GK One Liners for Railway Group D & ALP/Technician Exam 2018 (Part 2)

By Abishek Dwivedi|Updated : August 11th, 2018

In Continuation of the previous article "Important GK One-Liners for Railway Group D & ALP/Technician Exam 2018", we are here to provide you with fifty more important questions which will be helpful for the upcoming Railway Exams.

In Continuation of the previous article "Important GK One-Liners for Railway Group D & ALP/Technician Exam 2018", we are here to provide you with fifty more important questions which will be helpful for the upcoming Railway Exams.

Important GK One-Liners for Railway Group D & ALP/Technician Exam 2018
1.Who is known as 'The Father of Indian Civil Services'Charles Cornwallis
2.When was INS Vikrant decommissioned from Indian Navy?1997
3.Who is the current Security Advisor to Prime Minister of India?Ajit Doval
4.'Gas Balloons' contain which Gas?Helium
5.Which Constitution Amendment Act is also known as 'The Constitution Act, 1976'Forty-second Amendment
6.Which actress has won the National Film Award in 2018 for Best Actress?Sridevi
7.Where did Gautam Buddha give his first sermon?Sarnath.
8.What is the Theme for National Science Day (NSD) 2018?Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future
9.When is the National Science Day (NSD) celebrated?28th February
10.Who is currently The Chief Justice of India?Dipak Mishra
11.Santosh trophy is related to Which sports?Football
12.Damascus is the Capital city of which country? Syria
13.Which gas is known as Laughing gas?Nitrous Oxide
14.Dipa Karmakar is related to which sports?Gymnastic
15.Which is the hottest planet of Solar System?Venus
16.Which planet is the closest to the Sun?Mercury
17.What is the name of an autonomous regional satellite navigation system developed by India?Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)
18.Where is Golconda Fort situated? Hyderabad
19.Where is Virupaksha Temple located?Hampi
20.Which Article under Indian Constitution relates to Uniform civil code of India?Article‐44 
22.Where will G20 summit be held?Buenos Aires (Argentina)
23.When was Forest (Conservation) Act passed?1980
24.Cartography is the study of _______?Maps
25.What is the general formula for an Alkane?C(n)H(2n+2)
26.Who is known as the father of Modern Genetics? Gregor Mendel
27.Who has written Amar Sonar Bangla, which is the National Anthem for Bangladesh?Rabindranath Tagore
28.Who has written Ashtadhyayi?Panini
29.Who invented x-rays?Roentgen
30.Name the first Indian who had received the Noble prize.Rabindra Nath Tagore 
31.Which device is used to measure current?Ammeter
32.Who has the won the Men's single title for Australian Open 2018?Roger Federer
33.Who has the won the Women's single title for Australian Open 2018?Caroline Wozniacki
34.Who established Mughal Dynasty?Babur
35.Who has won Nobel prize for peace along with Kailash Satyarthi?Malala Yousafzai 
36.Name the author of 'Playing It My Way'.Sachin Tendulkar& Boria Majumdar
37.Name the CEO of Google?Sundar Pichai
38.Who was the founder of Brahmo Samaj? Raja Ram Mohan Rai
39..Which gas is known as 'Marsh Gas'?Methane
40.Which actor has won the dada saheb Phalke award in 2018?Vinod Khanna(Posthumous)
41.When was Chandrayaan-1 launched? October 22, 2008
42.When was ISRO formed?August 15, 1969.
43.Who is the current RBI governor?Urjit Patel
44.Who is the first speaker of Lok Sabha?Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar
45.Where is Kanha National Park located?Madhya Pradesh
46.Who has recently become India's longest-serving chief ministerPawan Chamling
47.Who won the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for the ICC Cricketer of the Year 2017Virat Kohli
48.Name the State with Maximum boundaries with other states? Uttar Pradesh 
49.Who is the Secretary-General of the United Nations?António Guterres
50.What is the venue for ICC T20 world cup for 2020?Australia 

That's it from our side! Read the above-given article and boost up your preparation for the upcoming examination. 

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