Important Committees and Commissions in India

By Ashutosh Yadav|Updated : January 19th, 2021

There are various committees and commissions formed in India at different instances for different purposes. Their recommendations over time have led to varied reforms in Indian society. Hence, they are very crucial for the UPSC Exam.

This article provides a list of various committees and commissions along with their purposes/Objectives (why they were formed/which field they worked in) so that aspirants can have a ready list with which revision can be done.

There are various committees and commissions formed in India at different instances for different purposes. Their recommendations over time have led to varied reforms in Indian society. Hence, they are very crucial for the UPSC Exam.

This article provides a list of various committees and commissions along with their purposes/Objectives (why they were formed/which field they worked in) so that aspirants can have a ready list with which revision can be done.

Important Committees and Commissions in India

Committees and commissions are formed for studying a problem/issues and then putting forth recommendations to resolve those issue. The govt can either accept or reject the findings/recommendations of the committee/ commission:





Justice Mukandakam Sharma Committee

Justice Mukandakam Sharma

The aim is to review the draft of the National Code for Good Governance in sports.

General Shekatkar Committee

General Shekatkar

Committee of Experts on rebalancing defence expenditure.

Naresh Chandra Committee

Naresh Chandra

Report on the Taskforce on National security

Prakash Tandon Committee(1994)

Prakash Tandon

Unification of existing railway service

Rajat Bhargav Committee

Rajat Bhargav Committee

Panel on petrochemical investment

H R Khan Committee

H R Khan Committee

Code for responsible lending in Micro Credit

Tapan Ray Committee

Tapan Ray

It will review the regulatory guidelines and supervisory framework of Core Investment Companies (CIC)

Harsh Vardhan Committee

Harsh Vardhan

It will examine the existing state of mortgage securitization in India and Development of Housing Finance Securitization

Monetary Policy Committee/Shaktikanta Das Committee

Shaktikanta Das

It will accelerate the GDP growth of the country

High-level Committee/Nandan Nilekani Committee

Nandan Nilekani

It will suggest measure to strengthen the safety and security of digital payments in the country

High-level and Bezbaruah Committee

M.P. Bezbaruah

It will review the implementation of clause 6 of the Assam Accord

Expert Committee/UK Sinha Committee

UK Shina

It will look into the various challenges faced by MSMEs

National Implementation Committee/Rajnath Singh Committee

Rajnath Singh

It will look into the multiple challenges faced by MSMEs

Rajiv Kumar Committee

Rajiv Kumar

It will look at selling as many as 149 small and gas fields of state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and Oil India Ltd (OIL) to private and foreign companies to boost domestic output.

Injeti Srinivas High-Level committee

Injeti Srinivas

It will review the existing framework and guide, and formulate a roadmap for a coherent policy on Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) 

Ethics Committee /Lal Krishna Advani

Lal Krishna Advani

It is a Committee of Lok Sabha which examines complaints related to any unethical conduct by members of Lower  House of Parliament

Bhaskar Ramamurthy Committee

Bhaskar Ramamurthy

It will suggest changes to JEE(Advanced)in the wake of an inadequate number of candidates qualifying the entrance test.

B Sesikeran Committee

B Sesikeran

To review food labelling standards

High-level Empowered Committee

Cabinet Secretary

 It will suggest measures to address issues of Stressed Thermal Power Projects.

Sub-Committee/Dr. Nilima Kshrisagar Committee

Dr Nilima Kshrisagar

It will evaluate 324 irrational FDCs in three months

Group of Minister(GOM)and High-Level Committee/Rajiv Gauba

Rajiv Gauba

It will deliberate and make a recommendation for a separate penal provision on incidents of mob violence

13-member Committee/Ravinder H Dholakia Committee

Ravinder H Dholakia.

It will review Sub-National Accounts to upgrade the norms for the computation of economic data.

Sunil Mehta Committee

Sunil Mehta

It will examine setting up of Asset Reconstruction /Management Company for faster resolution of stressed assets of PSB

Minorities Commission and S.C., S.T. Commission

 Mohammed Qamaruddin

For Minorities and S.C., S.T.

14-member panel/Umesh Sinha Committee

Umesh Sinha

It will study the use of social media and other digital platforms in the voting and give suggestions on how to adapt the Model Code of Conduct to these changes.

Manmohan Juneja Committee

Manmohan Juneja

The panel will revisit "Schedule VII of Companies Act, 2013, based on references received from stakeholders, including ministries and department of centre and states, members of Parliament, member of state legislatures and civil societies".

Defense Planning Committee(DCP)/Ajit Doval Committee

Ajit Doval

It will suggest measures to reform the process of higher defence planning and national security strategy.

Injeti Srinivas Committee

Injeti Srinivas

It will suggest improvements in the National Sports Development Code and functioning of Sports Federations

Negotiation Committee

A representative from Water Resources, River Development, and Ganga Rejuvenation

On Mahanadi & its Tributaries

Timothy Gonsalves Committee

Timothy Gonsalves

The committee suggested creating 20% reservation seats for the girl students in IITs

Vinod Rai Committee

Vinod Rai

To manage the Indian cricket board

N.S Kang Committee

N.S Kang

It will frame uniform rules for the states to avoid delay in the fast implementation and reduce hindrance of the Rights of Person with Disabilities (RPD) Act in the country

N.K. Singh Committee

N.K. Singh

It will review the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management(FRBM)

Amitabh Chaudhry Committee

Amitabh Chaudhry

To analysis the existing framework of IRDA-kinked and non-linked insurance product regulation

Afzal Amanullah Committee

Afzal Amanullah

It suggests ways to improve India's Haj policy. It also looks into the issue of subsidy to the pilgrimage.

H. R. Nagendra Committee

H. R. Nagendra

The objective is to prepare a Yoga Protocol for Diabetes Control

Dr Pritam Singh Committee

Dr. Pritam Singh

The aim is to study the setting up of a Defence procurement organization

Meena Hemchandra Committee

Meena Hemchandra

It reviews the threats inherent in the existing and emerging technology also consider the adoption of various security standards and protocols, interface.

Partha Mukhopadhyay Committee

Partha Mukhopadhyay

It suggests the necessary legal and policy framework protecting the interests of the migrants in the country.

Arvind Panagariya Committee

Arvind Panagariya

It will examine the working of the regulatory bodies Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) and Central Council of Homeopathy(CCH)

AK Bajaj Committee

AK Bajaj

It will address issues related to the management of the waters of Krishna River between warring Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Lt. Gen. D.B. Shekatkar Committee

Lt. Gen. D. B. Shekatkar

It will Reform the military and improve financial management.

Justice Shri Girdhar Malviya Committee

Justice Shri Girdhar Malviya

To prepare draft Ganga Act

Kewal Kumar Sharma Committee

Kewal Kumar Sharma

To review the recommendations made by the University Grants Commission (UGC)panel on implementation of the 7th pay commission in educational institutions

Mr Ashok Dalwai Committee

Mr Ashok Dalwai

To establish a regulated wholesale agri-market at a distance of every 80 km

Dr R B Barman Committee

Dr R B Barman (Chairman of the national statistical Commission)

The objective is to lay down technical standards for the performance of core services and other services

Arvind Panagariya Committee

Arvind Panagariya

To compute timely data on the employment situation in the country

Madhav Chitale Committee

Madhav Chitale

The objective is to recommend measures for de-siltation of river Ganga

Smt. Rina Mitra Committee

Smt. Rina Mitra Special secretary(internal security )in the ministry of Home affairs.

It examines the rules which allow free movement of Indians and Myanmar Citizen.

Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan Committee

Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan

To draft the national education

Uday Kotak Committee

Uday Kotak

It will suggest improvement in the standards of corporate governance of listed companies

Pradeep Kumar Committee

Pradeep Kumar

It will look at the stressed assets of the banking sector

CK Khanna Committee

CK Khanna

The objective is to support staff of the Indian team and then decide in the contracts that will hand over to the coaches

Pradeep Kumar Shina Committee

Pradeep Kumar Sinha

To select the national anti-profiteering authority

Usha Nath Banerjee Committee

Usha Nath Banerjee

Deal with the players' transfer dispute.'

Justice B N Srikrishna Committee

Justice B.N. Srikrishna

It is an expert committee to study various issues relating to data protection. 

Renuka Chowdhury Committee

Renuka Chowdhury

According to the committee, Genetically modified(G.M.) crop should be introduced only after biosafety, socio-economics evaluation

Tarun Ramadorai Committee

Tarun Ramadorai

Rights-based privacy framework in household finance


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