Importance of Difference Between in UPSC IAS Exam

By Sudheer Kumar K|Updated : July 18th, 2021

In this article, we will be highlighting the importance of comparative study -  analysing the difference between two closely related ideas or topics- in UPSC IAS Exam preparation. A comparative-study strategy is very helpful in understanding complex issues in the simplest way. 

It is evident that comparative thinking is one of our first and most natural forms of thought. When we were kids, one of the first differences we made was that between mother and other. Most of what we call learning will be difficult without the ability to make comparisons—to compare one object or idea to another- and note similarities and differences.

 Importance of Difference Between Articles in UPSC IAS Exam

According to a study, methods that involve students in comparative thought have the greatest impact on student success, resulting in better intellectual comprehension.

According to Marzano's research published in The Art and Science of Teaching (2007), asking students to recognise similarities and differences through comparative analysis results in substantial increases in student achievement.

The following Difference Between Articles are listed according to their subjects: 

Difference Between Articles in Indian History

Difference Between Early Vedic & Later Vedic Difference Between Dravida & Nagara Style of Temple ArcitechtureDifference Between Hindustani Music & Carnatic Music


Difference Between Articles in Indian Polity  

Difference Between Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties

Difference Between Vote-on-Account & Full Budget

 Difference Between Public Bill & Private Bill

Difference Between Censure Motion & No Confidence Motion

Difference Between Adjournment & Prorogation



 Difference Between Cabinet & Council of Ministers


Difference between Judicial Activism and Overreach 

Difference between Lokpal and Lokayukta

 Difference Between Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha

Difference Between 

Public Bill vs. Private Bill


Difference Between 

President & Governor


Difference Between 

President & Prime Minister


Difference Between Articles in Indian Economy

Economic Integration: Different Between PTA, FTA, CECA & CEPAEconomic Integration: Different Between Customs Union & Common Market & Economic UnionSimplified: Difference between GDP and GNP in simple layman terms
Difference between Bank and NBFCDifference between Fiat Currency & Crypto-CurrencyDifference between Census and NPR
Difference between WPI and CPI 

Difference between Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers



Difference Between Articles in Environment

Difference between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park  


Difference Between Articles in Science & Technology

Difference between Covid-19 and FluDifference between COVISHIELD and COVAXINDifference between 5G and 4G Networks
Difference Between Bacterial Disease & Viral Disease 

Difference between Black White and Yellow fungus



Difference Between Articles in Miscellaneous Topics

Difference Between Bharat Ratna and Padma Awards  

Advantages of studying the ‘Difference Between’ two related topics

  • Comparative analysis simplifies and enhances conceptual clarity
  • Strengthens aspirant’s ability to remember key information
  • Reduces the confusion between related concepts 
  • Build up students' writing skills by providing a simple structure, which aids them to organize information and develop their ideas with greater clarity and precision
  • Paves a practical and easy way for higher-order thinking

Differences between any two ideas, concepts, topics, groups of individuals, segments etc. have always attracted the interest of many a curious mind.

With this in mind, this article has included a detailed list of Differences Between articles on various topics from subjects such as History, Polity, Economy, Geography and a number of other topics.

These articles are important for aspirants pursuing the UPSC IAS Exam, or State PCA exams this year. To answer some prelims questions, a comparative analysis is essential. UPSC has, time and again, given many Difference Between questions in UPSC Prelims and Main Exams.

The following Difference Between questions are asked in the Previous Year Prelims questions:

1. What is the difference between "vote- on-account" and "interim budget”?
1) The provision of a "vote-on- account" is used by a regular Government, while an "interim budget" is a provision used by a caretaker Government.
2) A "vote-an-account" only deals with the expenditure in the Government's budget, while an "interim budget" includes both expenditure and receipts.
Which of the statements given above is/ are correct:

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. Both 1 and 2 

D. Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: B

2. One common agreement between Gandhism and Marxism is

          (a) the final goal of a stateless society

          (b) class struggle

          (c) abolition of private property

          (d) economic determinism

Answer: A

3. Rajya Sabha has equal powers with Lok Sabha in

          (a) the matter of creating new All India Services

          (b) amending the Constitution

          (c) the removal of the government

          (d) making cut motions

Answer: B


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