IIT Roorkee Post Graduate Programs & Eligibility

By Himanshu Verma|Updated : March 18th, 2017

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee offers various post graduate programs in different departments for the year 2017-2018. The main aim of the postgraduate education at this Institute is to inculcate in the students a deep understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts and practices in the chosen area of specialisation and to develop abilities for undertaking research and development through the dissertation. Candidate should have valid gate score to pursue post graduation in relevant disciplines.


The Institute offers following academic programs:

  • M.Tech./M.Arch./M.U.R.P.
  • Dual Degree Programme (M.Tech. + PhD)
  • M.Sc. and MBA Degrees.

IIT-Roorkee offers full­ time programs of 2-­year and a part ­time program of 3-­year duration.

Programmes & Eligibility

Academic Departments

Programmes offered

Minimum Eligibility

Architecture and Planning (ARD)


B.Arch. or its equivalent


B.Arch. or its equivalent or Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engg./ B.Planning

Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (AHC)

M.Tech. Alternate Hydro Energy Systems

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/ Industrial/Chemical/Electronics/Computer/Agricultural/ Environmental Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Environmental Management of Rivers and Lakes

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/ Industrial/ Chemical/Agriculture/Environmental Engg./Biotechnology/Arch. /Town Planning or its equivalent or Master in Science in any subject with Mathematics at graduation level.

Chemical Engineering (CHD)

M.Tech. Computer Aided Process Plant Design

B.E/B.Tech. in Chemical/Biochemical/Pulp & Paper Engg./Chemical Technology/Petrochemical/ Polymer Technology/ Petroleum Refining or equivalent.

M.Tech. industrial Pollution Abatement

B.E/B.Tech. in Chemical/Pulp & Paper Engg./Civil/Biochemical/Petroleum/Environmental Engg./Chemical Technology/ Polymer Technology or equivalent.

Civil Engineering (CED)

M.Tech. Environmental Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil Engg./Chemical Engg./Environmental Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Geomatics Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil Engg./Electronics Engg./Electrical Engg./Computer Science/ Information Technology/Marine Engg./Mining Engg./Environmental Engg/Agricultural Engg/ Communication Engg/Architecture or equivalent.

M.Tech. Geotechnical Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil Engg./Mining Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Hydraulic Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Structural Engg

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil Engg. or it's equivalent.

M.Tech. Transportation Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil Engg. or it's equivalent.

Earthquake Engineering (EQD)

M.Tech. Soil Dynamics

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil/Structural Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Structural Dynamics

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil/Structural Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil/Structural Engg. or equivalent.

Electrical Engineering (EED)

M.Tech. Electric Drives & Power Electronics

B.E/B.Tech. in Electrical Engg. or it's equivalent.

M.Tech. Instrumentation and Signal Processing

B.E/B.Tech. degree in Electrical/Electronics & Communication/Instrumentation Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Power System Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Electrical Engg. or it's equivalent.

M.Tech. Systems and Control

B.E/B.Tech. in Electrical Engg. or Electronics & Communication/Instrumentation Engg. or equivalent.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECD)

M.Tech. Communication Systems

B.E/B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engg. or it's equivalent.

M.Tech. R.F. & Microwave Engg

B.E/B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engg. or it's equivalent.

M.Tech. Microelectronics and VLSI

B.E/B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engg. or it's equivalent.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSD)

M.Tech. Computer Science & Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. degree in Computer Science & Engineering/ Information Technology

Hydrology (HYD)

M.Tech. Hydrology

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil/Mechanical/Agricultural Engg./ Hydrology or equivalent. M.Sc./M.Tech. in Chemistry/Geology/ Geophysics/Applied Geology/Applied Geophysics/Physics/ Meteorology/ Geography Atmospheric Physics/Environmental Science with Mathematics in B.Sc. as one of the subjects or M.Sc. (Masters) degree in Statistics with Physics or Mathematics at B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in Mathematics with Physics in B.Sc. or its equivalent.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MED)

M.Tech. CAD, CAM & Robotics

B.E/B.Tech. in Mechanical/Industrial/Production Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Machine Design Engg

B.E/B.Tech. in Mechanical/Industrial/Production Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Production & Industrial Systems Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Mechanical/ Industrial/Production Engg. or equivalent.

M.Tech. Thermal Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Mechanical/Industrial/Production Engg, or equivalent.

M.Tech. Welding Engg.

B.E/B.Tech. in Mechanical/Industrial/Production Engg. or equivalent.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MTD)

M.Tech. Industrial Metallurgy

B.Tech. in Metallurgy/Materials Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Production Engineering

M.Tech. Materials Engg.

B.Tech. in Metallurgy/Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering/Production Engineering/Ceramic Engineering; or M.Sc. in Physics/Chemistry with Mathematics course at B.Sc. level

Paper Technology Saharanpur Campus(PPD)

M.Tech. Pulp & Paper

B.E/B.Tech. in Pulp & Paper Engg./ Chemical Engg./ Mechanical Engg./ Polymer Engg./ Cellulose Technology/ Biotechnology or equivalent.

M.Tech Packaging Technology

M.Sc. in Chemistry(PCM at B.Sc. level)/ Polymer Science (PCM at B.Sc. level)/ or B.Tech. in Pulp and Paper Technology/ Biotechnology/ Chemical Engg Chemical Technology/ Polymer Engg/ Process Engg/ Mechanical Engg/ Production Engg/ Packaging Technology/Printing Technology/ Textile Technology/ PG Diploma in Packaging/ Biochemical Engg.

Water Resources Development & Management (WRD)

M.Tech. Irrigation Water Management

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil Engg. or it’s equivalent/ Agricultural Engg. or M.Sc. Agriculture in Agronomy, Soil Science, Agrometeorology, with Mathematics as one of the papers at the level of B.Sc./B.Sc. Agriculture.

M.Tech. Water Resources Development

B.E/B.Tech. in Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/ Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. or equivalent.

Chemistry (CYD)

M.Tech. Advanced Methods of Chemical Analysis

B.Tech. (Chemical Engg.)/M.Sc.(Chemistry)/ M.Sc. (Environment Science) with Mathematics at least at 10+2 level.

Physics (PHD)

M.Tech. Solid State Electronic Materials

B.Tech. (Engg. Physics)/M.Sc. (Physics)/Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronics/Metallurgical Engg. or it's equivalent.

Nanotechnology (NTC)

M.Tech. Nanotechnology

B.Tech. (Met. & Mat. Engg./Mech. Engg./E&C/Electronics/ Chemical Engg./PuIp & Paper/Biotechnology) or equivalent; M.Sc. ( Physics/Chemistry/ Biotechnology), or equivalent with Mathematics at 10+2 or higher level.

Disaster Mitigation and Management (DMC)

M.Tech. Disaster Mitigation and Management

B.Tech. (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, and Engineering/Computer Science or equivalent, B.Arch. & B. Planning, or M.Tech. in Geological Technology and Geophysical Technology or equivalent, or M.B.A. or M.C.A. or M.Sc. in Physics/Geophysics/Geology/Mathematics,’ Environmental Sciences (with Maths in B.Sc.) computer Science or equivalent.

Transportation Systems (TSC)

M.Tech. Infrastructure Systems

B.E./B.Tech. (Civil/ Mechanical & Industrial/ Electrical/ Chemical Engineering/Electronics & Communication Engg/ Computer Science and Information Technology/ B.Arch./ B.Planning or equivalent.

Biotechnology (BTD)

M.Tech. Bioprocess Engineering

B.E/B.Tech. in Biochemical Engg, Bioprocess Engg, Chemical Engg, Chemical Technology, Food Technology, Agricultural Engg., Biomedical Engg, Bioengineering, Biotechnology or equivalent.

Important Details

  • Assistantship @ Rs. 12400/- per month may be awarded to GATE qualified candidates as per norms for the duration of the programmes i.e. two years to the full-time students for M.Tech./M.Arch./M.U.R.P. within the sanctioned intake excluding sponsored candidates.
  • B.Tech. degree holders from any IIT with minimum CGPA of 8.00 on a 10 point scale and given admission without GATE are also eligible for MHRD assistantship.
  • Selection of regular candidates with GATE qualified would be based on Valid Normalised GATE marks only or Valid Normalised GATE marks along with Interview/ Written Test.
  • Selection of regular B.Tech. degree holders from the IITs without GATE score would be based on candidates having CGPA less than 8.
  • Sponsored candidates(Full Time and Part Time) selection would be based on interview/Written Test & Relevant Experience.
  • The merit list of candidates shall be based on 70% Normalised GATE marks and 30% Interview/Written Test marks.


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