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IIIT Hyderabad Practice Quiz : Digital Logic-1

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Question 1

Which one of the following statement is true when the function is having cyclic prime implicant K-map?

Question 2

The output of a 3-input logic circuit f(x, y, z) is 1 if ax + by + cz < d and 0, otherwise (a, b, c, d are constant). For what values of a, b, c, d does this represent an implementation of the AND gate.

Question 3

The simplification of the Boolean expression (P’QR’)’ + (PQ’R)’ is….

Question 4

For the circuit shown below find out the canonical form of the output f(A,B,C)

Question 5

What will be the state of the output after the 3rd clock to the given circuit.

Assume initially QA = 0, QB = 0

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