IIFT Exam Analysis 2021 - Expected Cut Off, Questions Asked, Difficulty Level, Good Attempts

By Gaurav Gupta|Updated : January 24th, 2021

IIFT Exam Analysis and Expected Cut Off 2021: National Testing Agency (NTA) successfully conducted the IIFT 2021 at several exam centres across India on 24th January 2021. With the BYJU'S Exam Prep's IIFT exam analysis 2021, we would be discussing the expected cut-off, type of questions asked, exam highlights, exam pattern of IIFT 2021, the difficulty level of questions, good score/attempts of IIFT 2021.

Here, we have also shared the IIFT expected cut off 2021 details along with the section-wise review of IIFT Paper held on 24th January 2021. The expected cut off will help students to acquire the % of the required marks for each section.

IIFT or Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is B-school that offers its students to pursue MBA in International Business. According to the BYJU'S Exam Prep experts who appeared for IIFT 2021 on January 24th, the overall exam was More DIfficult than previous years' IIFT exam.


Table of Content

IIFT entrance exam is a national-level MBA entrance exam that attracts approximately 60-70 thousand candidates every year to take the IIFT test and get admissions to one of the three IIFTs in India. In this detailed exam analysis of IIFT 2021, we will discuss the following aspects of the exam:

  • IIFT Exam Analysis 2021
  • IIFT Section Wise Analysis 2021
  • Your score for a good attempt at IIFT 2021
  • The difficulty level of the questions in IIFT 2021, and 
  • Expected cut off scores and percentile for IIFT 2021

Overview of IIFT 2021 Exam

  • IIFT 2021 is conducted on 24th January 2021 between 3 PM to 5 PM
  • There was a total of 110 MCQs
  • For each correct response, +3 is rewarded and for each incorrect, -1 is be deducted (for VARC, DILR and QA sections)
  • Also, for every correct response from the GA section, +1.5 is awarded and for every incorrect, -0.5 is deducted
  • There are no negative marks for any un-attempted questions
  • Each of the 110 MCQs will consist of 4 choices out of which there is only 1 correct choice

 IIFT 2021 Analysis January 24th 2021 - YouTube Live session. Watch Now! 

IIFT Exam Pattern 2021 


No. of Qs

Marks per Qs


Negative per question

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)





Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)





Quantitative Analysis (QA)





General Knowledge & Current Affairs (GK)










Important Highlights of IIFT 2021 Exam

  • Comparatively easier section - Quantitative Ability
  • Comparatively tougher section - Both VARC and DILR
  • Overall difficulty level - Difficult than previous years

IIFT Paper Analysis 2021: Difficulty Level

While doing the IIFT Exam Analysis 2021, we found that the difficulty level of the exam was HIGH. Questions from the Quantitative Ability section were found to be the slightly easier amongst all the sections and both VARC and DILR sections were quite tough as compared to previous years.

  • According to our survey, almost 45-50% of the candidates found DILR to be the toughest amongst all the four sections
  • The candidates also said that the exam was quite lengthy and difficult

IIFT Exam Analysis 2021: Good Attempts/Score

According to the IIFT exam analysis 2021, a raw score of 105-115 will be a good score and will allow candidates to get admissions tot he IIFTs.

IIFT Exam Analysis 2021: Section-Wise Review

1. IIFT Exam Review 2021: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Paper

Below we are sharing the slot wise exam review of the IIFT 2021 Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension paper.

This section was again a difficult section to solve. A total of 35 questions were asked in this section. Let’s find more details about today’s questions from the verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section

  • There were 16 questions from Reading Comprehension (4 sets of 4 questions each)
    • How the group behavior influence the behavior of each individual - Easy
    • The influence of culture on eco activity - Moderately difficult
    • Role of Govt (Obama's e.g. was being taken). How liberals and conservatives have their takes on the kinds of Governments
    • Plastic Packaging
  • There were 19 questions spotted from Verbal Ability
    • 6 Qs from Vocabulary
    • 4 Qs each from Error Spotting and Para Jumbles
    • 3 Qs from Root Words

2. IIFT Exam Review 2021: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Paper

Here is the detailed slot wise exam review of the IIFT 2021 Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning paper.

This section was of high difficulty level of all the sections. A total of 30 questions were asked in this section.

  • There were 16 questions from Data Interpretation (4 sets of 4 questions each)
  • In DI, questions were from
    • Tables
    • Pir Charts
    • Line and Bar Graphs
  • There were 14 questions from Logical Reasoning
  • In LR, the questions were from
    • Seating Arrangement
    • Blood Relations
    • Games and Tournaments
    • Calendar Based Qs

3. IIFT Exam Review 2021: Quantitative Ability Paper

Go through the detailed review of the IIFT 2021 Quantitative Ability paper.

This section was Slightly Easier in terms of difficulty level. A total of 25 questions were asked from this section

  • The total number of questions asked in this section were 25
  • 10 Qs from Arithmetic
  • 7-8 Qs from Algebra
  • 5 Qs from Geometry
  • 2 Qs from Probability
  • 1 question from Permutations and Combination

4. IIFT Exam Review 2021: General Awareness Paper

Go through the detailed review of the IIFT 2021 General Awareness paper.

This section was of Moderate difficulty level. A total of 20 questions were asked from this section

  • The total number of questions asked in this section were 20
  • Most of the questions in this section were Static General Knowledge related to currency, largest labour force, biography etc.
  • There were 3-4 Grid-based questions 

IIFT Expected Cut Off 2021

The IIFT 2021 expected raw scores to fetch 90%ile for IIFT 2021 is 105-115 for the General category.

  • For the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section, the sectional cut off could be anywhere between 28-30 to fetch good score
  • For the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section, the sectional cut off could be anywhere between 10-12 to fetch good socre
  • For the Quantitative Ability section, the section cut off could be anywhere between 9-10 to fetch good score
  • And for the General Awareness section, the section cut off could be anywhere between 5-6 to fetch good score

Check - IIFT Cut Off 2021


Note: IIFT 2021 exam analysis is done on the basis of the feedback shared by IIFT 2021 aspirants and BYJU'S Exam Prep faculties who have appeared for IIFT 2021. By any chance, if you remember any questions, feel free to share it in the comments section below!

We have a full-fledged session on Memory-Based questions from our BYJU'S Exam Prep Experts. Click on the links below to watch those sessions:

GK & Verbal Memory-Based Questions - IIFT 2021 with Pranav - 8:00 PM (24 Jan 2021)

Quant Memory-Based Questions - IIFT 2021 with Saral - 8:30 PM (24 Jan 2021)

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  • IIFT 2021 was held in a single slot on 24th January 2021 between 3 PM and 5 PM.

  • The overall difficulty level of IIFT 2021 was quite High as compared to previous years

  • Both VARC and DILR Sections were the quite difficult section amongst all the four sections in IIFT 2021.

  • QA Section was slightly easier section of IIFT 2021.

  • A score of 110-115 should fetch you a good percentile.

  • 35-38 Qs is a good attempt for IIFT 2021 to have a decent score to get selected.

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