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ICT & Logical Reasoning Quiz for UGC NET Exam 2021

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Question 1

Symbols A-F are used in which one of the following?

Question 2

A new Laptop has been produced that weight less, is smaller and uses less power than previous Laptop models.
Which of the following technologies has been used to accomplish this?

Question 3

Encoding or scrambling data for transmission across a network is known as:

Question 4

An ASCII is a character-encoding scheme that is employed by personal computers in order to represent various characters, numbers and control keys that the computer user selects on the keyboard. ASCII is an acronym for

Question 5

The process of copying files to a CD- ROM is known as

Question 6

Given below are three statements, a, b and c. From the given statements, two conclusions- I and II are drawn. Select the correct option which states that conclusions logically follow from the given statements.

Some Jackets are Shirts.
Some Shirts are Sarees.
All Socks are Sarees.

I. Some Shirts are Socks.
II. All Socks being Shirt is a possibility.


Question 7

Identify the type of reasoning shown in the following statements.

Statement 1: We see smoke coming out of the hills.

Statement 2: Wherever there is smoke, there is always a fire.

Conclusion: Therefore, hills have fire.

Question 8

Which one of the following can be validly inferred from the proposition – All animals are wild?

Question 9

Given below are four statements. Among them two are related in such a way that they can both be true but they cannot both be false. Select the code that indicates those two statements:
a) Honest people never suffer.
b) Almost all honest people do suffer.
c) Honest people hardly suffer.
d) Each and every honest person suffers.

Question 10

Men and woman may have different reproductive strategies but neither can be considered inferior or superior to the other, any more than a bird’s wings can be considered superior or inferior to a fish’s fins. What type of argument it is?
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