IBPS SO IV IT Officer Interview Experience – Rahul Kumar

By Vijay Kumar|Updated : March 9th, 2016


Here is the Interview experience of Rahul kumar from Allahabad.

Name : Rahul Kumar

IBPS Score : 116

Category : Genearal

Interview Venue : Grand JBR Hotel, Lucknow, UP

I Reached at venue on time and interview process is started with document verification. It took an hour.


While verification I have kept all the mentioned documents as well as photocopies with me.

NOTE: Please be on time for interview, you may face the problem while verification of documents and yes..! It will be bad impact on your interview.

Panel members: 6 Member in Panel .

Interview started at 5:10 pm, I was last but two candidate for the interview

Me: May I come in

MI: Please come in

M1: Aapne Saharanpur se Graduation kiya hai, waha kya famous hai?

Me: Lakdi ka kam jada hota hai, land fertile hai (he was not satisfied)

M1: Paper mil vahi  to hai na?

Me: han sir

M1: Abhi banking main kya nya chal rha hai?

Me: Sir new license diye ja rhe hain,

M1: Nahi Nahi, wo to purana hai...abhi Governer ne ek statement diya hai..pahle ye btao ki Governer kaun hai

Me: Raghuram Rajan

M1: pahle to sri laga lo

Me: Sorry sir, sri raghuram rajan

M1: Ab btao...kya statement diya hai?

Me: Nahi pta,

M1: Pta kaise hoga? padhte to ho nahi tum ..(gandi trh se munh bna ke dusre ki trf dekha aur M2 se kha puchne ko)

M2: what is normalization?

Me: Told , badhiya se sb kuch samjha ke

M2: kis date pe krte hain??

Me: Redundant

M2: forms of normalization?

Me: badhiya se samjhaya example de deke

M2: switch kya kerta hai?

Me: Told

M2: router?

Me: Told (he was satisfied and even said"ok ok leave you know it")

M2: data warehousing ?

Me: told everything including data mining, schema etc

M3: Family background???

Me: btaya..

M3: what is Cypher text?

Me: shuru he kiya tha btana,,,to bola ki pta hai. I know tumhe ata hai....

(ab thoda confidence aya tha..)

M4: Hobbies?

Me: I am a blogger

M4: what do you write??

Me: questions which are important from banks perspective...

M4: like?

Me: Malasian plane is missing MH20...

M5: saharanpur se q ki Engineering??

Me: college whe pe mila tha

m6: shamli kis liye famous hai?

Me: Nahi  pta

M6: first president?

Me: told

M6: first female president?

Me: told

M6 : first PM?

Me: told

M6: kahan se the?

Me: Allahabad

M6: first female PM?

Me : Indira Gandhi. (in the end old wale sir ne all the best bola...aur main bahar)

Please give your feedback..can i expect something good?



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