Most Scoring Topics of IBPS RRB Reasoning Ability & Quantitative Aptitude

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : August 17th, 2022

Most Scoring Topics of Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude: IBPS RRB Clerk & PO exam must be on the heads of the aspirants. Every year innumerable applications are being filled, leading to fierce competition for the candidates. 

The most scoring Reasoning & Quant topics for the IBPS RRB Prelims exam 2022 have been provided in order to aid candidates in their preparation.

No doubt, banking examinations have raised the difficulty bar with every exam passed. This makes it important for the aspirants to know the most important topics for IBPS RRB Prelims preparation.

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As there will be only two sections in the IBPS RRB prelims exam. Whether Officer scale-1 or Office Assistant, the selection of topics from the examination point of view is more or less similar to each other. Thus, you can prepare important topics for both exams simultaneously.

In this post, we are going to discuss the most important topics of Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude for the upcoming IBPS RRB Prelims exams 2022 which are going to begin in August 2022.

byjusexamprepMost Scoring Topics of Reasoning Ability for IBPS RRB Exam 2022

The reasoning section occupies 50% weightage in both IBPS RRB PO and IBPS RRB Clerk exams. There is no denying the fact one has to perform very well in the Reasoning section as well to clear the prelims exam. The reasoning is a section that tests your common sense along with the ability to answer a question. Here is the complete list of the important topics to be prepared with the ideal time to prepare the same topic.

1. Inequality:

  • It is more likely that in the exam direct inequalities are asked, but you should also prepare for coded inequalities. 
  • You can expect 5 questions on this topic.  
  • With practice, you can easily score full marks here.  

How to solve Inequality Questions

2. Syllogism:

  • Recently Syllogisms are based on the new pattern, i.e., Only/Only a few types. 
  • You can expect 4-5 questions from this topic in the exam. 
  • The questions generally contain 2/3 statements followed by 2/3 conclusions. 

How to solve Syllogism Questions

3. Coding-Decoding:

  • Usually, Fictitious language-based coding-decoding is asked in the exam. 
  • You can expect 5 questions on this topic.
  • In the question, a set of 3/4 statements is given along with their coded form and you have to decode the code for a particular word. 

4. Miscellaneous:

A total of 10-12 Questions can be asked on these topics in the IBPS RRB Prelims Exams 2022. Following are the miscellaneous topics in the reasoning section with the expected number of Questions:

byjusexamprep4. Seating Arrangements & Puzzles :

  • Puzzles form a major part of the reasoning section of the IBPS RRB exams.
  • You can expect 10-15 questions from the puzzles and seating arrangement topic.
  • These topics are:
    • Linear seating arrangement
    • Dual Row seating arrangement
    • Circular seating arrangement
    • Square seating arrangement
    • Floor-based puzzles
    • Scheduling - Day/Week/Year/Date/Time
    • Tabulation 

How to solve Puzzles

How to solve Seating Arrangement Questions

What is the ideal time to prepare for each of these topics?

An average student can easily get command over these topics if he/she sincerely devotes time to grasping the basic concepts and learning short tricks that will save them time for other questions. According to our expert and survey conducted by our team, an average student should take time for each topic as mentioned below.

Topic NameIdeal Time
InequalityThis is the easiest topic if concepts learn well. An average student can finish this topic in 3-4 days.
SyllogismThis is another easy section of the reasoning ability. This may take a week to revise the concepts of different types like a few, some, etc.
Coding-DecodingThis is again an easy topic. One has to be mentally prepared to crack the pattern of these questions. This would not consume much of your time, thus you can get command over this topic in 3-4 days.
MiscellaneousThis section includes various important topics from which you can expect 2-3 questions. Revising these topics may take some of your time but you will definitely end up grasping the concepts if prepared sincerely.
Seating Arrangement and puzzlesPuzzles, no doubt carries the maximum weightage and may vary from easy-moderate-difficult types. This is comparatively a time taking topic as you will have to learn the approach for different kinds of puzzles.

Study Notes of Reasoning Ability

Most Scoring topics of the Quantitative Aptitude section

This section of IBPS RRB officer scale 1 will consist of 40 questions. Each question carries equal marks i.e. one mark for each of the 40 questions. Get a good understanding of the theories of the following major topics to score well in this section of the IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 exam:

1. Simplification/Approximation:

  • These topics are very important from the point of view of IBPS RRB Exam 2022.
  • You can expect 5-10 questions from these topics in the exam.
  • Good Calculation speed will help save time and increase accuracy.
  • To increase your calculation speed learn tables at least till 20, learn squares till 25, and cubes till 15. Also, remember the decimal value of fractions till 1/15.
  • Always follow the BODMAS rule while solving questions of Simplification/ Approximation. 

How to solve Simplification Questions

How to solve Approximation Questions

2. Number Series:

  • Missing number series or Wrong number series are important for IBPS RRB Exam 2022.
  • You can expect 5 questions from these topics in the exam.
  • Some common patterns for Number series are:
    • Square pattern 
    • Cube pattern
    • Prime Number pattern 
    • Arithmetic Progression pattern 
    • Multiplication pattern 
    • Addition/Subtraction pattern 
    • Combination of the above-mentioned pattern 
  • Practice questions of the number series to familiarize yourself with these common patterns. This will help you solve such questions in less time. 

How to Solve Number Series Questions

3. Quadratic Equations:

  • Root comparison of the quadratic equations is yet another important topic for IBPS RRB Exam 2022. 
  • Once you learn the basics and tricks to solve these types of questions, they will become a cakewalk. 
  • In such questions, 2 quadratic equations are given and you have to get the roots (say X and Y) of these equations. Then, you need to recognize the relationship between these roots. 
  • You can expect 5 questions from these topics in the exam. 

Note: Learn tips and tricks for solving Quadratic Equations.

4. Data Interpretation:

  • Data interpretation is an essential part of the IBPS RRB Exam 2022. 
  • You can expect about 10-15 questions in the exam.
  • Data Interpretation Questions are based on:
    • Pie Chart 
    • Line Chart
    • Bar Graph
    • Tabulation
    • Radar Graph
    • Caselet
    • Missing DI etc.
  • To get a good grasp on Data Interpretation get familiar with the concepts of Average, ratio, percentage, profit, and loss as questions of DI are generally based on these concepts.
  • Since it is prelims exams, there is a high probability of Tabular DI, Line, Bar Graph. Mixed DI, Caselets, and Missing DI are less likely to come IBPS RRB exam in the Prelims Phase.

How to solve Data Interpretation Questions

5. Arithmetic:

  • In Arithmetic Questions based on various topics such as,
    • Age-based problems
    • Profit, Loss, and Discount
    • Simple(SI) and Compound(CI) Interest
    • Time, Work, and Wages
    • Mixture and Allegation
    • Time, Distance, and Speed
    • Pipes and Cisterns
    • Boat and Streams 
    • Partnerships
    • Averages
    • Ratio and Averages
  • You can expect about 8-10 questions with 1-2 questions from each topic. 

What is the ideal time to prepare for each of these topics?

An average student can easily get command over these topics if he/she sincerely devote time to grasping the basic concepts and learning short tricks that will save them time for other questions. According to our expert and survey conducted by our team, an average student should take time for each topic as mentioned below.

Topic NameIdeal Time
Simplification/ApproximationThis is the easiest topic in the quant section. If you are good at calculation then you will finish the topic in just 2 days.
Number SeriesThis is again an easy topic and does not consume much of your time. You can revise concepts and solving approaches to wrong number series and missing number series in just 6-7 days.
Quadratic EquationThis section can also be aced in one week as it also involves calculation time may vary according to your ability.
Data InterpretationThis is time taking section as there are various types of DI. You need to practice the section on a regular basis.
MiscellaneousYou may come across various topics and methods in this topic. Thus it is better to revise it on a daily basis.

Study Notes of Quantitative Aptitude section.

To clear the prelims of IBPS RRB Clerk and IBPS RRB PO one has to attempt a good number of questions.

For IBPS RRB Clerk you need to be very good at speed and accuracy of solving questions. As you would require to score 75+ in prelims to get the entry pass to the IBPS RRB PO mains exam.

For IBPS RRB PO, you need to attempt 65+ questions with 100% accuracy to get a chance to sit in the mains examination.

We hope this article will help you prepare the most scoring topics within the ideal time. so buckle up your preparation and start analyzing your performance. The exam is just 2 months away now. 

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  • There will be 40 questions in this segment of the IBPS RRB officer scale 1 exam. Each question receives the same number of points, i.e. one point for each of the 40 questions. Important Topics are- Simplification/Approximation, Number Series, Quadratic Equations, Data Interpretation Arithmetic.

  • Nearly all of the country's major government exams include a portion on logical reasoning, which is also one of the sections with the highest scoring averages. The important topics of Reasoning Ability in IBPS RRB PO 2022 Exam:

    1. Syllogism
    2. Inequality
    3. Coding-Decoding
    4. Miscellaneous
  • The IBPS RRB Exam 2022 includes a section on data interpretation. The exam will consist of approximately 10-15 questions. Because these are prelims tests, there's a good chance you'll see Tabular DI, Line, and Bar Graph. Mixed DI, Caselets, and Missing DI are less likely to appear in the Prelims Phase of the IBPS RRB exam.

  • For the IBPS RRB Exam 2022, missing or incorrect number series are critical. In the exam, you can expect 5 questions from these topics. To acquaint yourself with these prevalent patterns, practice number series questions. This will assist you in completing such queries in a shorter amount of time.

  • The simplest issue in the quant part is simplification and approximation. You can finish the topic in just two days if you are skilled at math. In about 6-7 days, you can review ideas related to incorrect number series and missing number series. Due to the variety of DI, it has its own section. Regular practice of the section is required.

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