IBPS PO VS IBPS SO: Which One Is Better?

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : June 4th, 2022

IBPS PO and IBPS SO are two prominent job profiles that will always be popular, and we must be well-informed and aware of them. Many hopefuls would be looking for numbers and information to compare IBPS PO and IBPS SO postings in order to understand the potential for growth.

To be well-prepared, you must have a thorough understanding of the exams you intend to take, as well as a clear understanding of your objectives and career options. If you're unsure whether to apply for an IBPS PO or an IBPS SO, we're here to help.

Difference Between IBPS PO VS IBPS SO 

How to decide which is the better option for you? Differentiating the two fields before you so that the candidates can make up their minds about the righteous job. We're here to help you with the tedious work of researching and compiling information.


IBPS PO and IBPS SO job profiles or job descriptions are quite distinct from one another. This is one of the most significant contrasts between these two jobs, as well as a critical aspect in determining which is the better career route for you.

IBPS PO Job Profile

IBPS PO begins his or her career as a 'Management Trainee' (MT) on a two-year probationary period. MTs can be required to undertake any task, regardless of its degree, during their probation time.

IBPS PO is expected to have extensive training in all areas of finance, accounting, billing, investing, and marketing. IBPS PO issues draughts, checks, and ATM cards, among other things.

IBPS PO is responsible for performing managerial duties as well as supervising and verifying the work of lower-level employees in the branch, as well as handling loan-related documentation.

Connecting with new and potential clients, creating strong professional relationships with them. They need to obtain and verify their paperwork for the process of loan approvals, authorizing transactions, and other administrative and direct customer engagement activities are included in IBPS PO.

IBPS SO Job Profile

As the name implies, IBPS SO is a role that combines several jobs into one. IBPS SO covers a wide range of sectors and job categories such as IBPS SO IT Officer, IBPS SO Agricultural Field Officer, IBPS SO Rajbhasha Adhikari, IBPS SO Law Officer, IBPS SO HR/Personnel Officer, and IBPS SO marketing officer.

  • An AFO (Agriculture Field Officer) will work with the agriculture department, which may include dealing with all concerns, questions, and complaints about that field, as well as dealing with consumers and giving them information.
  • A Rajbhasha Adhikari is in charge of everything connected to promoting Hindi in the banking industry, as well as translating and proofreading all English documents that are circulated inside the bank.
  • The bank's legal work is handled by a Law Officer.
  • An HR Officer oversees the Human Resource Department and investigates numerous complaints, questions, and concerns that arise within a bank.
  • A IBPS SO marketing officer's primary goal will be to increase the bank's earnings by bringing in more business.


To establish which is better, pay and allowances for a Specialist Officer and a Probationary Officer must be compared in the case of IBPS (which recruits both PO and SO for several nationalized banks). You might be curious about the salaries of these two. The wages for both IBPS PO and IBPS SO are broken down here.

IBPS PO salary

A Probationary Officer in a Public Sector Bank earns between Rs. 23,000 to Rs. 27000 per month. There are other benefits such as HRA, Dearness Allowance, and so on, totaling Rs. 39,000 to 42,000.

IBPS SO salary

An IBPS SO overall remuneration varies based on the place of assignment. It is around Rs. 30,758 in metro cities. It costs around Rs. 30,448 while it costs around Rs. 29,927 at the district level and in rural branches.

As you can see from the table above, an IBPS SO wage range is slightly lower than an IBPS PO. The workload and job description for an IBPS SO, on the other hand, are substantially simpler, as we will see in the following sections.

IBPS PO VS IBPS SO Growth & Promotions

Another important consideration for aspirants is how the IBPS Bank PO and IBPS Bank SO compare in terms of career advancement chances.

IBPS PO and IBPS SO have similar growth potential, with the sole variation being their responsibilities and obligations.

If you are an IBPS PO, there is much room for advancement. If you perform very well over time, you can fast advance in the role through internal promotion exams or simply through time and experience.

An IBPS PO can advance to the positions of branch manager, assistant manager, and eventually managing director.

IBPS PO and IBPS SO have similar growth potential, with the sole variation being their responsibilities and obligations.

IBPS PO VS IBPS SO Selection Process

The selection process entails the processes that an applicant must take to be considered for one of these positions. 

IBPS PO selection process

The approach for IBPS PO is online, with a preliminary test followed by the main exam. Following that, there will be an interview and a final result. 

IBPS SO selection process

A preliminary test, mains test, interview, and provisional allotment are all part of the IBPS SO process.


Anyone who applies for IBPS SO can also apply for IBPS PO, but not everyone who qualifies for IBPS Po qualifies for IBPS SO. With this in mind, it is critical for applicants to weigh the benefits, work culture, and demands, and then make an informed decision about which segment is the best fit.

IBPS PO Work Culture

The workplace is stimulating, and there is always something new to discover. In an entry-level role, you will learn a lot about the bank's new policies and schemes before anyone else. IBPS PO candidates must expect numerous transfers.

However, the volume and frequency of transfers are determined by your performance as well as the transfer rules of the institutions.

Through your services, you have several opportunities to positively contribute to the success of your bank as well as the country's economy.

IBPS SO Work Culture

The specialist officer's duty is less busy and stressful than that of an IBPS PO. Depending on the position for which you were hired, your employment role is restricted to a specific department inside the bank.

Transfers are also less frequent because few branches require specialist officers. This suggests that an IBPS SO will be transferred at least 4-5 times over their career.

The job isn't stressful, and your responsibilities are limited to your department. However, you must provide your best effort in matters about your job description.

Despite the lower workload, the compensation is comparable to that of generalist officers. Furthermore, the amenities and perks are identical.

IBPS PO VS IBPS SO Eligibility Criteria

A person who is qualified for the IBPS SO can also apply for the IBPS PO, however, a person with a simple graduation degree is only qualified for the IBPS PO.


To become an IBPS PO, all that is required is a graduation degree from a recognized university, regardless of stream, and a minimum age of 30 years.


The criteria for the post of IBPS SO varies depending on the various jobs and job profiles under it. The candidate must meet the precise requirements for each position.

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