IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Shanmukha Priya V

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 19th, 2016


Here is the Interview experience of Shanmukhapriya V from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Name: Shanmukha Priya V

Qualification: B.E. Aeronautical

Category: General – OC (physically challenged) 

Interview place: IOB regional office, Coimbatore

Date and time: 18/01/2016, 8.30 am

Panel: Panel I

Document verification:

Document verification started exactly at 8.30 as per the call letter. First they took attendance and then the process started. It was so deep that they took at least 15 min per person. After that, bio-metric verification has to be done, but the machine was not working, so interview starting time itself got delayed by half an hour and then they decided to proceed with the interview process without bio-metric. While few people went for the interview place, we were being kept waited in the document verification hall itself for a very long time during which tea and biscuits were served.


After what seemed like ages, we were taken to a place outside the interview hall. Just before my turn, unfortunately lunch break came and the panel members went for lunch.

When they came back it was 2.30. Lunch was served for the candidates but as soon as I received my lunch box I got the interview call from inside. But as soon as I entered the hall all hunger got forgotten replaced by tension. Here is my review:

There were overall 5 people including 4 males and 1 female. I greeted them all (female first)

One person looked like the chairman of the panel wearing suit and all. He offered me to sit. He was the one who asked many questions. The female didn’t ask any question. Remaining people didn’t ask much, they were just helping me with few answers I was struggling. Since majority is commonly known questions and questions were more, I’m just giving questions here. They are:

Personal Questions:

1. Why didn’t you choose a career in aeronautical and came for banking (around 2, 3 questions related to the same);

2. Why 3 years gap in between? – First they weren’t satisfied with banking preparation, and then I told about my last year interview. Then they started believing it and were asking the marks and all.

3. Why Bhartiya Mahilla bank last preference being a woman?

Technical Questions:

1. What is aerodynamics?

2. What is accelerated velocity?

3. How did u prepare for interview and written test? – I told self-preparation. (He told – ok, preparation from internet, huh)

4. How much are u confident in facing the interview- I told 90% since I didn’t want to sound as over confident.

5. Significance of July 21st (the day Neil Armstrong landed in moon- I didn’t answer that)

Banking questions: 

1. What is green banking?

2. What is off-balance sheet? (I didn’t know the answer, he explained),

3. Definitions of LAF, MSF, SLR and CRR.

4. Where is SBI’s present and first headquarters located?

5. Name a few women in banking: – I told about SBI, Axis, and ICICI CEO.

He then asked women in PSB then, told Mrs. Usha Ananthasubramaniam of PNB, he again asked CEO of Bhartiya Mahilla bank and I told she is taking additional charge

6. Recently introduced scheme for farmers – PM Fasal Bima Yojana, Mudra full form and explanation.

7. Then one practical question: If i give u Rs 100, how much will you lend? – I told about CRR and SLR, and then he asked me to calculate and tell exactly. I told I can lend Rs 75. Then he corrected me by saying 74.5.

8. what were two banks that merged, in SBI two banks merged.

9. Two banks based in Tamil Nadu, What r they and which group was responsible for the formation.

Other Question: letter of credit, some question regarding funded and unfunded liability– I couldn’t recall now. I didn’t answer that question, he explained me.

After these entire question, he asked me what topic have you prepared well. I told RBI. Then a rapid fire round on RBI begins.

1. RBI functions – on site and off site surveillance of RBI

2. priority sector lending and how much percent for agriculture

3. RBI formed year and nationalized year – other banks nationalized year and date,

4. what is term repo, repo rate – rate of interest

5. Who prints one rupee note – limit of rupee that can be printed by RBI.

As soon as the RBI round was over, he seemed quite impressed and he was like u prepared well regarding RBI.

Miscellaneous question: 

He asked about my native. What is famous in Thanjavur? And a few questions on Brahadeeswara temple (Big temple).

At last, all of them told Good, u did well, all the best for your results. I thanked them and left.

Overall, my interview experience was good. Interview was in Tamil only except two or three ques. The panel members were friendly and were helping in many places. I didn’t answer two or three ques. All were explained by them periodically.

One advice for my friends, those who are having interview in Coimbatore IOB, eat breakfast well and go. They are taking around 15-20 min average for each person for each and every process. Once the document verification is over, we r not allowed to go out anywhere. Also, be punctual. They are starting the process on time. Only finishing takes time.

After interview, bio-metric process was there and then travel reimbursement for my category and SC/ST was there. I Left the complex by 3 pm only.

I would like to thank Grade stack team so much, without which I don’t know how I would have performed. The interview sessions helped me a lot.

All the best Friends for your interview!!


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