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IBPS PO Pre 2020 Memory Based Reasoning: 11 October 2020

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Question 1

Direction: Study the following data carefully and answer the questions accordingly.

Ten people A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J and K are going home on either 5th or 10th of the following months i.e. January, March, April , May and June in the same year. Only one person has gone home on one date.

K went home on 5th of the month after April. Maximum one people is going between K and A . A went before K. Two people are going between A and J. J is not going in March and not on even numbered date of the month. G went just after C in the same month but not in March. Maximum two people are going between G and J. F went on odd numbered date of month. J went before F. More than two people are going between F and B . H went home on the date on which G has gone but before D . D went before A .

If C is related to J and B is related to F, then D is related to which person?

Question 2

How many pairs of digits are there in ‘725816394’ which have as many digits between them in the given number as in the natural number series (In both forward & backward direction)?

Question 3

Some table are fan.
All fan are honest.
No fan is smart.
I. All fan are table.
II. Some honest can be Smart.

Question 4

Only a few Bats are Cats.
All Cats are balls.
Only a few balls are Tigers.
1) Only cats are balls.
2) A few bats are Tigers.

Question 5


P < Q, R > T, W ≥ X, Q ≥ W, X = R

I. P > Q

II. Q ≥ R

III. T > W

IV. W > P

Question 6

Which of the following symbols should replace the question mark @, # and $ in the given expression to make the expression M > T and N ≥ T definitely true?
M @ N ≥ R # S $ T < V
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