IAS Questions - Important IAS Questions and Answers for UPSC 2023

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 8th, 2022

IAS questions asked in the exam have very different dimensions. This is the specialty of the UPSC exam. Every year around ten lakh candidates take part in the exam but only those are selected whose preparation is second to none. According to a few toppers, revising and practicing more and more IAS questions is the key to ace the exam. 

Here, at BYJU'S Exam Prep, various types of IAS questions with answers are available, which are relevant to the UPSC syllabus. This will help the students to develop a better understanding of subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Science & Technology, Environment, Current Affairs, etc. Apart from this, IAS GK questions are also covered to keep the students updated with the latest happenings.

Benefits of Practicing IAS Questions

IAS questions in Hindi and English languages, along with Hindi current affairs, have been included on this platform to meet the needs of the students. Following are the benefits of practicing more and more questions:

  • It helps in determining the preparation level.
  • The weak areas can be identified and worked upon.
  • It helps in choosing the right approach for writing the exam.
  • It boosts the confidence level of the students, which helps them in the exam.
  • Provides familiarity with the type of IAS questions asked in the exam.
  • It helps in understanding the difficulty level of the questions.

List of Top IAS Questions

We have compiled the top questions to help the students get an edge in the exam. Given below is the list of IAS questions to take the preparation to the next level:


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