How will the Information Historians get from Old Newspapers be Different from that Found in Police Reports?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 26th, 2022

The Information historians get from old newspapers is different from that found in police reports due to the fact that newspapers advocate freedom of speech and present the complete truth through varied information, whereas a police report contains information that might be molded according to the interest of a particular powerful party.

To write about a particular period of time in history, a historian needs to possess complete information about that specific period and thus needs to refer to multiple sources of information.

Sources of Information

The sources of information can be classified and put into three different categories: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary. This classification is based on the originality of the material. Talking about a historian needs to record information; multiple sources of information will be needed for him to have a broad and clear picture. Various sources of information include newspapers, public accounts, official documents, and police records.

Information provided in the newspapers was majorly based on the real-time reporting of facts and mainly on what people of the country felt and thought about any particular incident or issue.

On the other hand, police records are official and backed up by official documents. Though official, these records may be biased. They basically communicate the officials' side of the story as they deem fit and correct. Also, police records may be biased based on the opinions of those in power.

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  • The sources of information are divided into three categories: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary.

  • The information provided in the newspapers may be different from the police records in a way that the newspapers report more real-time information and the voice of the nation, whereas police records are more officially inclined.

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