How to Score Good in Board Exams

By Kavita Sharma|Updated : November 6th, 2018

Here is an article on Tips for scoring good in board examinations as board exams are also very crucial for anyone who is appearing in any competitive exam. The first step to move in the building career phase is your Class 12th Board examination, which plays a vital role in shaping the future of any student helping the student to move into higher education and future growth

There are many students who are not able to build up a proper routine and also a plan till now need not to get worried as they still have few days left to click for the examination. In this note, I will share the complete strategy that how can someone score a minimum of 90% in this board examination.

Make a Proper Routine

All those Indian Army Men who are at the Siachen border have to stay there for 3 months then the next battalion is sent. But for those 3 months, they do proper training, every morning and evening. They do this for the country. Can't you just make a healthy routine which will give you proper time to study and manage every single minute because you have very little time and it should not be wasted? In order to make a proper timetable, make a list of subjects and time and then divide it equally according to your proficiency and weight-age.

Follow NCERT Books

Always try to follow NCERT Books for your exam because these books are standard for the CBSE Board Exam as well as JEE Main Exam and most of the questions in final exams are based on these books, also helps in getting the concepts, can be purchased in Hindi too and language used is very easy to understand.

Never start preparing for your exam blindly; better to take a copy of the CBSE Syllabus from the official website or from your school and list all high scoring topics or chapters on paper and start revising high scoring chapters first. Solve all exercise questions given in your book. If stuck, you can take help from NCERT Solutions. Make sure to have some handy notes that include key points, the important formulae etc.

Once revised the complete chapter, pick a similar type of question from other reference books and solve them in order to gain more confidence. Repeat this step until you complete the whole book. Also, you can refer to any reference book whose language and content you find is good.

Solve Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year papers after complete revision of the syllabus is a good idea because in this way you revise all important questions from the previous exams and get a fair idea of the exact paper pattern and marking scheme. So, arrange for papers of the last 5-6 years and start solving.

Solve last year papers and Sample papers published officially by the Board of conducting examination/CBSE/any other board.

Give all the sample papers properly with time and then evaluate how much are you scoring. 

Try to score well in the School/Pre-Boards exam

As every school conducts an exam before the main Board exam based on the same pattern as the board exam. Try to give your level best in that exam and if by that time your syllabus is not covered completely then at least try to solve question-based on the topic which you had prepared should be correct.

Understand the value of Board Percentage-

Also, there are many students who are preparing for JEE Main 2019 and not going to school. For such students who have taken private admission (where they only have to go for Main Boards Exam) should keep one thing in mind, that there are many cases before where students do get selected in IITs but they couldn’t fulfil the eligibility criteria which was 60% in Class 12 back in 2000-2012.

Even the board results play a vital role when you sit in the placement pool in the final year of your graduation were many big and renowned MNCs have already fixed criteria that students should have a minimum of 65 or 75 per cent depending upon their clauses.

For higher education, like MS, MBA top institutes evaluate the class 12th percentage as one of the points in order of granting admission to the students.

So they are advised to understand the value of Boards and score as much as they can!!

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