How to Score 70+ in JEE-Main Maths 2020: Tips & Preparation Strategy

By Gagan Makkar|Updated : September 23rd, 2019

Tips to Score 70+ in JEE-Main Maths 2020: Mathematics is considered to be the key for clearing the JEE Main exam with good rank. If your Mathematics portion doesn’t go well, it’s highly likely that your score and rank will be lying under the average category. So it’s very important to work hard on the Maths section.

Additionally, it is also helpful in Physics (where calculus is very important for studying graphs, derivations of all the formulas and understanding of concepts, especially for Advanced) and in Physical Chemistry in chapters like gas laws, chemical kinetics, and solutions.

How to Score 70+ in JEE Main Mathematics Section

So here are top tips to score at least 70 marks out of 100 in the Maths section of JEE Main 2020.

  1. Start with the NCERT, do all the questions at least once. Don't miss the miscellaneous questions at end of each chapter. 
  2. Refer to Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma or standard books of JEE Main Maths for conceptual clarity and practise questions. 
  3. Previous JEE papers suggest that more attention should be paid on topics such as Vectors and 3-D rather than probability or Indefinite integration as vectors and 3-D offer very less scope to the examiner, as far as the variety of problems is concerned. These are scoring topics, will fetch you some easy marks. One more chapter is Complex Number, every year 2-3 problems (of purely complex no.) are asked. Hence mastering complex numbers, vectors, 3-D and Definite integral must be a top priority.
  4. Analyze the trend from previous year papers, allocate time to chapters accordingly. Topics like Coordinate Geometry, Calculus are of highest weightage and should be focused upon diligently. 
  5. Learn the graphical approach to solving problems. It is less time consuming than the conventional approach. Getting familiar with the graphs of some common equations we face will be highly helpful.
  6. Mathematics section is usually considered lengthy by students. Reason for this is, the way we approach this section. You don't need to solve each and every question conventionally. Some questions can easily be solved in lesser time using option elimination process. Try adopting and working on these hacks during your preparation phase.
  7. Never miss out on easy marks. Go through the whole paper once, before attempting any question. Mark the questions according to your perception in three categories, i.e. easy, moderate and tough. First, solve all the easy ones and then move onto others.
  8. Give mock test papers regularly in last month. Make your list of scores and mark the topics in which you committed mistakes in the test. Analyze and work on them, so that it doesn't get repeated in further tests. Make sure that you have understood the question as to what it is demanding and what you are interpreting.
  9. Regular self-analysis and tracking of progress that you are making should be done on a weekly basis. 
  10. Try to concentrate more on understanding and building conceptual clarity rather than learning the stuff.
  11. At last, practice as much as you can. Some students even keep the track of registers and pens that they finished. The more questions you attempt, the better you get subconsciously with calculations. It decreases the chance of making silly mistakes during the exam.

We are mentioning the topic-wise weightage of questions asked in JEE Main 2019

JEE Main Maths syllabus consists of 4 sections as given below:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Coordinate Geometry

JEE Main Mathematics Chapter Wise Weightage

The class-wise break-up of JEE Main Mathematics chapters is:

Class 11No. Questions asked in JEE Main 2019* Class 12No. Questions asked in JEE Main 2019*
SetsRelations & Functions
Trigonometric IdentitiesInverse Trigonometry2
Solutions of Triangles & Heights and DistancesMatrices & Determinants3
Complex Numbers & Quadratic EquationsContinuity & differentiability2
Permutations & Combinations1Applications of Differentiation1
Progressions & Series and Binomial TheoremIntegration1
Straight Lines1Applications of Integrals1
CirclesDifferential Equations1
Conic Section3D Geometry2
Limits and Differentiation1Vectors2
Mathematical Reasoning and Induction1Probability - 22
Statistics- -
Probability - 1-
Total 16 14

Keep at least 75-80 min for Maths section. You can save this time by doing chemistry quickly. Moreover, Time Management is the key to success in such exams.

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