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NIACL AO Prelims is all set to be held on 30th January 2019. With just a few days left for the exam, it is the high time to gear up your preparation smartly to utilize the remaining time in the best possible way.  Each and every section is of equal importance when it comes to recent bank exams pattern. With the inclusion of sectional timing in NIACL AO Prelims, it is essential to focus on the preparation of each section in a proper manner so that you can cover the syllabus easily.

In this post, we are sharing important preparation tips to help you score more than 65 in NIACL AO Prelims Exam 2018-19. Go through the article now to all about section-wise strategy, important preparation tips as well as complete study material for NIACL AO Prelims Exam 2018-19.

NIACL AO Prelims Latest Exam Pattern

The exam pattern has been changed from this year for NIACL AO. It is of prime importance to be updated with it. Check the table below for NIACL AO Prelims Exam Pattern 2018-19 :

Name of Test

Max. Marks


Medium of Exam

Reasoning Ability


20 Minutes


Quantitative Aptitude


20 Minutes


English Language


20 Minutes




60 Minutes


Check NIACL AO Previous Year Paper and Previous Year Cutoff to know more about the level of NIACL AO Prelims Exam and plan your attempts!

 How to score 65+ in NIACL AO Prelims 2018-19 

Candidates should pay enough attention to each of the sections. We will discuss below important sectional strategies for each section that will come handy in NIACL AO Prelims 2018-19:

Quantitative Aptitude Strategy

  • To score well in Quantitative Aptitude section in 20 minutes time, candidates should practice shortcut methods and learn to find out the answers quickly from the given answer options.
  • It is a score decreasing habit to solve a question by writing the entire equation, as with this approach candidate wouldn’t be able to crack the exam with good marks.
  • Aim to get 25 marks in 20 minutes time limit. Following are the important topics for the Quant Section. One should understand the concepts and practice questions thoroughly to score well :
  1. Number Series
  2. Data Interpretation
  3. Quadratic Equation
  4. Quantity Based Problems
  5. Approximation and Simplification
  6. Data Sufficiency
  7. Miscellaneous Topics :
  • Average
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage
  • Profit & Loss
  • Speed & Distance
  • Time & Work
  • Partnership
  • Interest & Discount
  • Probability
  • Permutation

Do’s and Dont’s for Quant Section

  • Start the section with Number Series questions. It comes in a set of 5 questions. 150 questions of previous year papers of SBI/IBPS PO will be sufficient to get a hold on all types of Number Series questions. You should allot maximum 5 minutes in solving a set of Number Series.
  • Data Interpretation comprises minimum 5 to maximum 15 marks in Prelims exam. Solving data interpretation sets should be your second priority. Pick easy and less parameter DI set at first.
  • Quadratic equations are less time taking questions. Do not leave them for end.
  • Out of remaining questions, keep solving questions in which you are having a strong hold.
  • Don’t solve miscellaneous questions first. Leave them whenever they appear on the screen and solve in the end.

Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Notes & Quizzes for NIACL AO 2018-19

English Language

  • Vocabulary plays a very crucial role to score well in the English Section as poor vocabulary can hinder the process of preparation.
  • Candidates need to be at least average or above average in English to enhance their chances of succeeding in the exam. 
  • Being good at English makes a big difference. For e.g. Reasoning and Mathematics takes a little more time to think, but if a student’s reading speed is higher he/she can attempt more questions. 
  • To score well in English section, candidates should prepare the following topics. Along with these, keep a check on recently introduced topics in various exams and understand the concepts properly.
  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Para Jumble
  3. Cloze Test
  4. Para Summary
  5. Match the Column
  6. Grammar -
  • Error Spotting
  • Sentence Completion
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence Connector
  • Odd One Out

Do’s and Dont’s for English Language Section :

  • Reading compression must not take more than 7 mins. If you have 20 mins in English Section, better make them count.
  • Smart thing is to read one easy comprehension and just answer antonyms and synonyms of the difficult reading comprehensions. Difficult paragraph are those have economic jargons.
  • Para Jumble is a complex thing. If you are having trouble with this section, don’t worry. 1st and last sentence are always easy. Do them and move on. It will hardly take two mins. 

English language preparation notes & tips for NIACL AO Prelims 2018-19

Reasoning Ability

  • There are some questions in the Reasoning Section which doesn’t take much time to solve e.g. if a candidate solves 100-150 questions in ‘Series’ topic, he/she would practically cover all the types of questions that may come in NIACL AO exam from ‘Series’ topic.
  • What aspirants can do is schedule two days for each of the reasoning topics and start solving it.
  • One of the plus point is, pattern of the exam doesn’t change much (at max it would be 10%).
  • However, level of difficulty may vary up and down. Still, there is not too much of surprise students can expect or get.
  • Following are the topics which you should prepare well to score good marks in this section :
  1. Syllogism
  2. Inequalities
  3. Alpha Numeric Series
  4. Data sufficiency
  5. Coding
  6. Blood relations
  7. Directions
  8. Puzzles and Seating Arrangements
  • Circular Tables (inside, outside, inside + outside)
  • Linear Tables (north, south, north + south)
  • Tabulation
  • Floor Arrangements

9. Logical Reasoning (May or may not be asked in Prelims Section)

  • Statement & Assumption
  • Statement & Argument
  • Cause and Effect
  • Course of Action
  • Decision Making

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Except Syllogism and inequality, there are no certain marking for this section. So don’t expect one.
  • This section is mostly scoring. Practice questions as much as you can. 
  • If it takes more than 7 mins to solve a puzzle, don’t do it. This section is very risky. Either become an expert in this section or don’t do it at all.
  • If you haven’t practiced Logical Reasoning deeply, there are few chances that you are going to correct them all.

Reasoning Ability Preparation Tips, Strategy to score 25+ in NIACL AO Pre

Key Points to score 65+ in NIACL AO Prelims

Develop Good Speed

  • It is of foremost importance to develop a good speed while solving questions.
  • Learning short tricks to solve the questions is a smart way to solve the questions quickly.
  • Be quick and accurate in average, percentage, summation and multiplication.

Solve questions as much as possible :

  • A candidate has to solve at least 50*5 questions of each type to become proficient in a topic.
  • Unless you practice questions well, you may not be able to solve all type of questions from a particular topic.

Pick up easier questions first :

  • Clearing exams require smart work more than hard work.
  • One should have the ability to select easier questions first out of all the questions.
  • For example, Out of 5 DI question, 1 or 2 are difficult. Ignore them or solve in the end. Difficult here means more complex calculation.

Don’t get stuck in any section that takes a little more time  :

  • To use the time in hand wisely is very important when it comes to qualifying exams.
  • You should allot a standard time to each of the question according to its level.
  • Leave a question and move to the next if it is taking more than the required time.
  • For example, for a DI set in AO level exam, you should allot maximum 5-6 minutes.
  • Out of 5 number series questions, one question is generally complex. So it is wise to leave it and move to the next question to utilize your time properly. 

Attempt important Mini Mocks through the link shared below :

Attempt NIACL AO Prelim 2018-19 Mini Mocks

Attempt NIACL AO Latest Pattern Free Mock through the link shared below -

Attempt NIACL AO 2018 Free Mock Test

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