How to Score 60+ Marks in UGC NET Paper-1? Best Success Tips

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : January 21st, 2023

UGC NET Paper-I accounts for 100 marks out of the total 300 marks of this exam. In order to achieve a good overall score, a student must attempt at least 30+ questions correctly in the Paper-I test. So, here are some important tips that will help students score 60+ marks in UGC NET Paper-I. Read them now to understand how to crack Paper-I of UGC NET Exam 2022 with a good score.


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How to score 60+ marks in UGC NET Paper-I Exam?

The basic teaching aptitude, research aptitude, higher studies, reasoning, communication, and general awareness of a variety of topics are all covered on Paper I of the UGC NET, which is a common test for all students. There are ten distinct sections in the syllabus, each with an equal weighting of ten marks. Because Paper I of the UGC NET is less difficult than Paper II, you have a better chance of passing it if you score well on it. So, let's look at some tips that will help you get at least 60+ on UGC NET Paper-I 2022.


Tips For UGC NET Exam

Teaching Aptitude

  • Important Teacher and Student Characteristics.
  • Follow some standard notes from a reliable source like Trueman's or Arihant.
  • Make your own brief notes, which should be handy for later revision.
  • Try answering all of the questions about teaching aptitude.
  • Attempt the quizzes.
  • Take note that Teaching Aptitude is purely a theoretical subject.
  • It's a broad topic for getting good grades.
  • Target: Try to get at least 4 questions right.

Unit 2
Research Aptitude

  • Concentrate on research methods, research types, the differences between these methods, and research examples.
  • For each subtopic, make short notes or flashcards.
  • Target: Try to get at least 3-4 questions right.

Unit 3
Reading Comprehension

  • Attempt the quizzes.
  • Make use of any book's comprehension practice. The comprehension level is very low.
  • Only practice holds the key.
  • Target: Try to get all 5 questions correct.

Unit 4

  • The process of communication, the various definitions provided by scholars, basic communication frameworks, types of communication, communication barriers in organizations, and the focus should be on these topics.
  • Make concise notes of each topic and revise frequently.
  • Target: Try to get at least 4 questions right.

Unit 5
Reasoning (Including Mathematical)

  • Follow and understand the basic concepts and tricks to solve the questions.
  • Study notes for Number Series
  • You can refer to Arihant Publications or any other competitive exam book.
  • Practice is the key to scoring better here.
  • Target: Try to get at least 4 correct questions.

Unit 6
Logical Reasoning

  • To answer the questions, adhere to and comprehend the fundamental ideas and strategies.
  • You can take the tests.
  • The key is to practice.
  • Target: Try to get at least 4 correct questions.

Unit 7
Data Interpretation

  • Study Notes on Data Interpretation
  • Concentrate on examples of basic bar and pie charts.
  • Learn how to solve questions quickly using these tips.
  • At least three to four DI questions should be practiced each day.
  • Target: Try to get 4-5 questions correct.

Unit 8
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Basic concepts can be found in Standard 10th class books.
  •   The list of general abbreviations and terms should be created and updated frequently.
  • Target: Try to get at least 3-4 correct questions.

Unit 9
People and Environment

  • Basic ideas can be found in Standard 1st books. Consider the various kinds of pollution, the diseases they cause, and the most recent information available in this field.
  • Target: Try to get at least 3-4 correct questions.

Unit 10
Higher Education System: Governance Polity And Administration

  • Learn the fundamental ideas from the books mentioned in the previous article in addition to the websites mentioned above.
  • Current data should be the primary focus.
  • Practise Quizzes 
  • Target: Try to get at least 3-4 correct questions.

UGC NET Exam Additional Tips  

In addition to the tips, you must follow the following strategies while preparing which will help you get through the exam.

  • Read the syllabus thoroughly. It should be memorized so that you can choose which subjects to study.
  • Study in accordance with an effective timetable that covers as many diverse subjects as possible. Make sure you keep up with it. For a day, try to combine one difficult topic with one simple topic to make your day less tiring.
  • Try to study for three to four hours each day. one to two hours each).
  • Make sure you take as many practice tests as you can to see where you stand in the crowd.
  • Analyze your errors and work on fixing them to get better.
  • Preparation based on your strengths and weaknesses will help you score higher by focusing on your strengths.
  • Regularly practice the numerical topics and review the theoretical ones.
  • To determine the frequency of topics and questions that are repeated, solve at least six to seven papers from previous years.
  • Be sure to cover each topic because each section will probably have five questions. Examine each topic in depth.
  • Spend sufficient time on each subject, particularly the Higher Education System: Governance, Polity and Administration, People and the Environment due to the difficult-to-answer, tricky, and unanticipated questions that arise from these topics.
  • Make sure you have enough time to unwind, and use that time to enjoy yourself and refresh your mind.
  • No negative marking exists. Therefore, attempt each question as accurately as possible.

Just follow these tips and strategies and you will see incredible results. Be honest and prepare smartly.

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