How to Revise the GATE syllabus

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : November 11th, 2018

The syllabus of the GATE exam is very wide and it takes a lot of time to prepare everything covered in the GATE 2022 syllabus. With a good revision strategy, it will be easier to score well in GATE Exam. Here is a list of tips to revise the complete GATE syllabus in the short time.

If you are self-studying for GATE, you can create a disciplined strategy to complete its preparation successfully. Many attempting it for the first time shall feel it quite grim to complete GATE 2022 syllabus. There is a way out of this stupor, which is what this post is all about. Preparing for GATE without coaching and devoting only to self-study gives you complete control over your schedules, consistency and most importantly, time. Here are some GATE Preparations tips on creating a fool-proof GATE study plan.

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Revision Tips for GATE Exam

  1. Maintain short notes on each topic

    • If you develop the habit of writing and jotting down a few key concepts from every topic that you study and read, it will help you tremendously to revise GATE topics. Short notes can be read later to recall all concepts in short time.
  2. Carefully make revision points

    • It is important to understand the topic before making revision points.
    • Prepare each topic and practice the previous GATE questions from the topic to understand the difficulty level of the topic.
    • Prepare each topic to understand the key concepts and note down all important points and formulas.
    • Make revision notes for each topic and prepare them regularly.
  3. Revision notes is your guide

    • After you preparation, revision notes will guide you to score better on GATE Exam.
    • Include important terminology, definitions, formulas, examples etc. in your revision notes.
    • Revision notes are the only way you can prepare all topics in one day before the GATE Exam which will help you to recall all concepts.
  4. Revision notes should be precise

    • Make sure your revision notes as small as possible to cover all important and key concepts.
    • There is no need to add everything from each topic.
    • Include details of each concept which are absolutely essential in ensuring your understanding of it.
    • Easy topics add less because you can recall them without reading complete details.
    • Try to cover all important topics which can help you to score well in GATE exam.
  5. Revise the Revision notes before each practice test

    • Practice the online tests as many as possible.
    • Before attempting each online practice test, revise the notes to ensure you can quickly recall the required concepts during the exam.
    • Afer attempting each online practice test, identify the questions which were not answered and prepare the revision notes better way to cover the concepts of such questions.

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Kalpana Purbia
Sir, there is no notes for software engineering.. can u plz make noted for same for ugc net preparation...
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Thank you very much
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Thank you so much sir
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Revision notes means short notes?

SnehaNov 5, 2018

Do some problems while revision according to topic.It really helping


  • We all knows time left for GATE 2022 exam is very less but who have started revising since november for their final examination can complete full revision till 15th of January , 2021.

  • Experts suggest that candidates should give atleast 6-8 hours daily for their studies, so candidates must keep this in mind

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