How to Revise for GATE 2022 Exam in One Week?

By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 7th, 2022

Last week before the GATE exam 2022 can be very stressful to students but planned preparation, proper revision, and a calm mindset can really help students to excel in the GATE exam. In the last week, students are advised to focus on revising rather than starting new topics.

The GATE exam demands deep knowledge and a clear understanding of concepts. Students in order to write this article, we will learn about a few techniques that will be helpful in the revision process before the GATE 2022 exam.

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Revision for GATE Exam in One Week

Revising for the GATE exam in one week before the GATE exam needs a different strategy than the whole preparation period. Students are suggested to remain calm and focused so as to attain success in the GATE exam. Here are a few revision tips one week before the GATE exam.

Avoid New Topics

It is suggested that in the last week before the GATE exam, students shall not start new topics and only focus on the already prepared topics. Preparing new topics at a crucial time may not be as fruitful as revising and preparing already prepared topics.

Practice Numerical Problems

Revision along with practising numerical problems is the best way to improve speed and clear concepts. It is a known fact that the more we practice and prepare numerical problems, the more conceptually strong we become.

Revise Formulas and Keynotes

Revision of all the formulas and key concepts shall be done regularly and more frequently for all the 7 days before the GATE exam. Students are advised to keep all the formulas in one place and revise them thrice a day every day for the whole week.

Clear Important Doubts

All the important concepts where students are feeling confused or unclear are to be clear as soon as possible in the first two days of the last week. No new concepts and doubts shall be focused on in the later days of the last week.

Keep Calm, Motivated, and Healthy

With the complication and competitiveness of the GATE exam, students feel unmotivated and stressed as the exam comes closer. Students are advised to talk to guardians and elders to express their thoughts and meditate for 1 hour every day to keep themselves mentally calm.

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  • In the last week before the GATE exam, students are advised to only focus on revision and solving numerical problems as much as possible as it will help them in gaining the confidence to write the GATE exam efficiently. 

  • Planning every day and revising for 4-5 hours daily along with revising all the formulas shall be the focus of students in the last week before the exam.

  • It is advised to study for 5-6 hours daily for the GATE exam. Along with studying for new concepts, it is advised to revise daily for 1-2 hours.

  • GATE toppers are known to prepare for 8-9 hours daily for the GATE exam. Although hours and time taken for study vary from person to person as per their understanding.

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