Quantitative Aptitude Prep. Strategy for SSC CGL 2019 Tier II Exam

By Neha Uppal|Updated : March 30th, 2020

SSC CGL 2019 Tier II exam dates are out which are 22 June 2020 to 25 June 2020. Quantitative Aptitude is a major subject in SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. 100 questions are asked of Quantitative Aptitude for 200 marks. Now the question arises what topics are majorly asked from Quants section in SSC CGL Tier-II exam. How should we cover these important quantitative aptitude topics and what should be the strategy to cover the entire syllabus. What are the best books to crack SSC CGL Tier-II exam? You will find all your answers in the below article. Go through it and your suggestions are welcome in the comment section.

Syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude for 2019 SSC CGL Tier-II Exam.

Below table provides all the topics asked in SSC CGL Tier II and also the number of questions asked from these topics in SSC CGL Tier II. Next, We will also discuss the detailed strategy to cover these topics in the most efficient way.

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Topics of Quants for SSC CGL Tier II

No. of Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-II 2018

Ratio & Proportion






Divisibility & Reminder


Simple Interest & Compound Interest


Profit, loss & discount




Number System


Boat & Stream


Time & Work


Pipe & Cistern


Time, Distance & Speed


Problem on ages


Mixture & Alligation










Coordinate Geometry


Height & Distance




Data Interpretation


Note: The number of questions asked from each topic is given on the basis of the analysis of previous year papers. You can find all the previous year SSC CGL Tier II papers here.

Strategy to prepare the topics of Quant Section asked in SSC CGL Tier-II

From the above table that the syllabus of the quantitative aptitude section is vast. Proper planning and strategy are required to cover these topics and score maximum marks in SSC CGL Tier-II exam. We are going to discuss the topic-wise strategy to prepare each topic.

1. Ratio & Proportion & Percentage: These two topics are very basic and most of the chapters of Quantitative Aptitude are based on these two. If you want to solve Quants questions in a short time then the master key is Ratio Proportion & Percentages. You will find the use of Ratio & Percentages in Data Interpretation, Average, Mixture Allegation, SI & CI, Profit Loss, Partnership etc. First, go through the below study notes then practice some quizzes. You can also check the practice section on the gradeup app and practice questions from there.

Percentages-Part 1

Percentages-Part 2

2. Number System, HCF & LCM, Divisibility & Reminder - Number System is a very long and very much conceptual chapter. You need a lot of practice to be a master in this chapter. HCF LCM and  Divisibility Reminder are easy chapters which you can easily learn if you are good in the Number system.

Example: Find HCF (18, 42)?
Solution : Find the prime factors of 18 = 2 * 3 * 3 and 42 = 7 * 2 * 3 and notice the "common" of the two expressions is 2 * 3; So HCF (18, 42) = 6.

Example : LCM (18,42)
Solution : Factors of 18 (2 * 3 * 3) and 42 (7 * 2 * 3). LCM = (2*3*3*7)= 126 (HCF * other factors)


Divisibility & Reminder

Number System Part-1

Number System Part-2

3. Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Partnership: You will get 4-5 questions from these two topics. These 3 chapters are based on Principle, Rate, Time and Amount. The formula will change according to the different situation. First, go through the basics of these chapters and then solve some quizzes on gradeup.

Study notes for Simple Interest

Compound Interest notes

4. Profit loss & discount: This is also a very important chapter as you will find a lot of questions in SSC CGL Tier II. This chapter is purely based on percentages & ratio proportion. First, go through the fundamentals of these chapters. We are providing you notes to understand the basics and then solve some good questions.

Profit Loss & Discount notes 

5. Average: You will see 8-10 good questions from the average chapter. This chapter is based on Ratio & Proportion. 

6. Time & Work, Pipes & cistern: 3-4 questions are asked from these two chapters. Method to solve questions from time & work, Pipes & Cistern is almost the same. Students find these chapters easy and scoring. Make sure you practice well. You can find below notes to prepare these two chapters for SSC CGL Tier-II Exam.

Study notes on Time & Work - Part 1

Study notes on Time & Work - Part 2

 Study notes on Time & Work - Part 3

7. Time, Distance & Speed (TDS), Boat & Stream: You will find 4-5 tricky questions based on TDS, Boat & Stream in your exam. Questions are generally based on trains, race on a circular track, boat & stream etc. The simple formula to be used in these questions is Distance = Speed * Time. Go through the below links first and then solve questions from practice section on gradeup.

How to solve TDS Questions

How to solve Boat & Stream Questions

8. Co-ordinate Geometry: This year Co-ordinate geometry questions were asked in SSC CGL Tier I 2019 exam. It is expected that 2 questions can be asked from this chapter in SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. Go through the notes on gradeup and then practice some questions.

Co-ordinate Geometry notes

9. Geometry & Mensuration: 25-27 questions are asked from geometry & mensuration in SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. Questions are based on circle, quadrilateral, triangle, square, cube, cylinder, sphere, hemisphere, pyramid etc. You need a lot of practice as geometry contains many formulas and short tricks. You can find all the important notes & quizzes on gradeup.

Notes on Mensuration

Notes on Circle

11. Algebra: 5-7 questions are generally asked from Algebra in SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. Most of the questions are based on X + 1/X format. Attempt quizzes and mock tests on gradeup. Find below the short tricks and notes for algebra.

Short tricks & Notes on Algebra

12. Trigonometry, Height & Distance: 9-11 questions are asked from trigonometry and Height & Distance. Questions are not much difficult and options are really helpful to solve them easily. 

Find here some important questions of trigonometry.

13. Data Interpretation: Mostly 4-5 questions are asked from Data Interpretation in SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. DI questions are nothing but the application of percentages and ratio & proportion. 

How to solve Data Interpretation Questions

Note: Apart from the entire syllabus, Time & Speed are two most important factors. You should try to solve the questions in minimum time. We will provide more short tricks on gradeup and methods to increase the speed in the exam. Stay updated on gradeup. 

Important Study material for Quantitative Aptitude Section


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