How to Prepare General Awareness (GA) for RBI Grade B 2022 Phase 1, 2 Exam

By Gaurav Tripathi|Updated : May 10th, 2022

The General Awareness section is one of the most scoring topics in the RBI Grade B exam. It is an important part of RBI Grade B Prelims as well as Mains stage. Hence, it requires a diligent preparation and discipline to ace RBI Grade B exam. Here, we will explain you how to prepare general awareness for RBI Grade B exam 2022. Important tips and strategies are mentioned to score high marks in General Awareness.




In this post, we have discussed how you should make your strategy for General Awareness for RBI Grade B exam. This section is going to test a candidate's General Knowledge including current affairs and financial awareness. It contains significant portion of Static General Knowledge, also. 

We will also share the important topics for General Awareness including static GK and sources to consult to. As the syllabus of the General Awareness is large, it is important to have basic knowledge of important topics that are regularly being asked in static part of the paper. 

How much marks does the General Awareness carries in Phase 1?

The General Awareness for RBI Grade B exam consists of 80 questions and 80 marks out of 200 marks. Therefore, this section constitutes 40% of the total marks. You can achieve high scoring marks in this section, which is going to help in getting a good rank. Thorough practice and revision will help you solve the questions in the exam hall, quickly and on-time.

This section is a “do-or-die” section. We would like to inform you that as per our previous research of previous years question papers, most aspirants perform almost similar in Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Sections. So, when a serious candidate prepares General Awareness in disciplined manner, he has greater edge in the exam. But, preparation of QA and LR must be proper.

What are the important topics in the RBI Grade B exam?

RBI Grade B General Awareness Questions are generally asked from the topics mentioned below. The major distribution of GA is into Current Affairs and Static GK questions are:

Current Affairs

Static GK

  • Economy and Banking News
  • Issue related to banks including RBI, National Banks and Private Banks 
  • Government Schemes (Central and State)
  • Budget Allocations
  • Sports News
  • Business News
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Important Appointments
  • Index and Reports (National &International)
  • Science & Tech
  • Summits and Conferences
  • Important Articles & Schedules in the Constitution
  • List of Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Governors, and CJI
  • Important Acts in Banking Sectors
  • Banks and their HQ
  • List of Stadiums in India
  • List of Dams, Temples, UNESCO Heritage Sites in India
  • List of Bharat Ratna Award Winners
  • List of National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Bird Sanctuaries in India
  • Topics related to Art and Culture viz folk dance, regional dance, festivals, etc 
  • Banking Abbreviations

You can practice RBI Grade-B Mock tests in the BYJU'S Exam Prep Bank Regulatory exam test series.

What is weightage of General Awareness in Phase 1 and Phase 2?

The total number of marks in phase 1 is 80 marks. Moreover, the portion of general awareness in phase 2 comes in Economic and Social Issues including Finance and Management paper. The previous year questions shows that major part of Phase 2 questions is related to current affairs.

How to prepare CA & Static General Awareness for RBI Grade B exam?

These are the important guidelines that are mentioned for you to prepare this General Awareness, comfortably. Keep these points in your mind while you're doing your preparation:

  • Be aware of current happenings. The latest trends and important issues that are of economy and finance importance.
  • For comprehensively preparing the current affairs, you must start reading newspapers. Keep in mind to cover the current affairs of 8-10 months before the exam.
  • If you’re late into preparation, there is no need to worry. You can prepare for 3 months of current affairs prior to the exam.
  • You can make your own notes while reading the newspaper. Make notes in in points format and focus on revising the topics during weekends.
  • Read and look at previous year questions and mock question papers to know what topics exactly you must choose while reading the newspaper. 
  • For the static GK, focus on revision more than once. You can choose to divide the topics under various headings. When, you’re regular you can remember the details needed. 
  • Including, visit official Reserve Bank of India website and Ministry of Finance too as most of the questions on general awareness will be from the banking and finance.
  • Attempt sectional tests on current affairs to find your weak areas and strengths. This will give you a picture about where you stand in your preparation.

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Analysis of Previous Years

What are the kind of questions were asked in Phase 1?

These are kind of questions which were asked in previous years exams:

  1. Capital Infusion of Rs.93,00 crore is being done in which of the following banks by LIC and Government of India? – Related to Banking and Finance current affairs.
  2. Global Innovation Index for India in 2020 is 48. What was the ranking of India in 2019? – Reports & Index.
  3. Edwar Chagwa Lungu is President of which of the following country, who recently visited India? – Current Affairs – Persons in News. 

Points to remember

Here are some things to bear in mind when you're doing your preparation of General Awareness for RBI Grade B exam. These are: 

  1. In the prelims the questions that came in general awareness section are from both static and current affairs.
  2. The dynamic current affairs were generally related to the economics and finance section
  3. Understand the demand of the question. The hint is already mentioned in the question and you can use different methods like elimination or logic to find out the answer.

What are the kind of questions that were asked in the Phase 2 in Economic and Social issues paper?

The following questions mentioned below were asked in previous years. As you can see that current affairs plays an important part role  in this paper. The questions are as follows:

  1. As per the UN’s Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index report, India has lifted how many people out of poverty between 2005/6 and 2015/16? – Reports/Policies/Indices.
  2. According to SECC, how much percentage of rural households are landless and derive a major part of their income from manual casual labour? – Directly related to SECC.

What type of questions were asked in Phase 2 in Finance and Management Paper?

The questions asked in this are directly related to current affairs. You need to cover ths from newspapers and majorly focus on finance and economy related news. Few questions are:

  1. Which bank was merged with Bank of Baroda?
  2. Which of the following is of Micro-Finance institutions is a universal bank now?
  3. Which of the following is not a scheme related to financial inclusion?

Points to remember

Here are some things to bear in mind when you're doing your preparation for RBI Grade B exam with respect to Phase 2. These are:

  1. Few questions asked in the paper from different topics are directly related to current affairs.
  2. You need to thoroughly focus on building an integrated preparation where you can have deep level of understanding for topics mentioned in the syllabus.

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  • When you're doing preparation for General Awareness in RBI Grade B exam focus on studying current affairs on a regular basis. You've to remember that static GK is crucial part and it must be integrated in preparation strategy.

  • Focus on preparing high weightage and important topics. Study and read the previous years questions and find out which topics are being asked on regular basis. Identify you weak areas and strong areas, accordingly make a plan for it.

  • Practice mocks tests that are freely available on Byjus Exam prep app. After solving a full mock , analyse your results. This will help you in preparation of facts and current affairs related questions.

  • General Awareness section might have a huge syllabus but at the same time, it is a high scoring section given the fact that you can score well if you know the answers and also the time consumed is very less as compared to other sections. 

  • You need to regularly look at your syllabus until you're comfortable in remembering the important topics. Try to focus and read more of current affairs news related to economy and finance issues.

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