How to Prepare for GATE without Coaching?

By Mona Kumari|Updated : December 8th, 2021

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level examination organised jointly by IISc and IITs annually. Engineering graduates who are willing to pursue their higher studies or join PSU write this exam. IIT Kharagpur will organise the upcoming GATE 2022 exam scheduled in February. GATE is one of the tough exams at the national level, so most students turn to offline or online coaching for guidance. But this theory is contradicting, as, in the past, we have witnessed several students clearing GATE with good rank without any coaching. Undoubtedly coaching gives the direction for any exam preparation, but every student can't opt for coaching.

So, Here in this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep gives you the sight for self-preparation without coaching . In this exam, lakhs of candidates appear every year to give their careers wings. Anyone can ace this exam with good guidance, hard work, dedication and proper practice.

Every year Lakhs of students appear for GATE Exam, making it a very competitive examination. Being competitive, most of the students opt for coaching. But some students cannot opt for coaching for several reasons but still score good rank in the GATE Exam.


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Tips to prepare for GATE Exam without Coaching 

Here are a few pointers mentioned below to keep in mind before starting the Preparation. We will discuss that one by one. Before moving ahead, the first thing necessary is to determine and make the mind ready for GATE 2022. If in any dilemma, decide whether to go for GATE or not as soon as possible.

  • Know Syllabus and Pattern of the GATE Exam: Since GATE Exam is conducted by different IITs/IISc every year, go to the official website GATE 2022 and download the syllabus of your concerned branch. Go through the syllabus of GATE 2022 to understand the requirements of the examination. Knowing the paper before starting its Preparation is the primary step everyone should take. The best way to understand any paper is by analysing its previous year question paper. Analyse previous year papers to understand the pattern of the GATE Exam. 

  • Decide Books & Study Materials: After understanding the syllabus and pattern of the GATE Exam, you need to decide which books and what all study materials to prefer. Go through the syllabus and understand the requirements of the examination. Knowing the paper before starting its preparation is the primary step everyone should take. The best way to understand any paper is by analysing its previous year question paper. Analyse previous year papers to understand the pattern of the GATE Exam. Also, take a look at the topper's interview online. There are several online platforms like BYJU’S Exam Prep, youtube etc., where online interviews are available.

  • Schedule/daily plan:  It is important to make a Time Table or Routine for any long term goal. Without wasting any time, prepare a schedule covering all the topics and prepare a daily plan. Segregate the syllabus into smaller sections and divide the sections further into different colour-coded zones. These smaller sections of the syllabus are the best achievable daily goals. Add these smaller sections into the daily planner and start attacking those topics one by one. Stay motivated and do not waste time deciding which schedule is suitable or which timetable will work. Just start studying and prepare individual strategy as it varies from person to person. Do not follow others routines." Create your roadmap to success".


  • Short Notes and Flashcards: Start making short notes and flashcards. Jot down formulas, concepts that are important while studying. Prepare flashcards of important keywords or definitions for later revision. Having short notes and flashcards save a lot of hassle while revising all the topics just before GATE Exam 2022. Keep flashcards handy; when in doubt about any term, use flashcards immediately. 

  • Daily Analysis: Knowing strengths and weaknesses is an advantage while dealing with GATE Exam. So daily analyse green(comfortable topics) and red (topics that require work, not comfortable ) zones. During ongoing GATE Preparation, initially, work on comfortable topics, i.e. topics of the green zone and perfect then. After working on the green zone, start perfecting red zone topics and changing their colour to green. Use Excel sheets to colour code the syllabus. Colour coding and dividing the syllabus into achievable sections will help in boosting morale.

  • Be consistent: Consistency is the key to success. Sometimes consistency can defeat overthrow talent. In the beginning, it will be very hard to stick to the routine. There will be many failures. But keep in mind that failure is a part of the journey. Keep moving forward, and don't get disappointed. Try to maintain consistency and do not let frustration break the flow. Also, remember: "Slow progress is also progress". 

  • Study thoroughly:  Focus on covering the entire syllabus and dedicate time to cover everything. Try to finish the syllabus as scheduled. Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude comprise approximately 30% of the weightage in the GATE Exam. Devote at least 1 hour daily to both subjects. It will help to break the monotonous rhythm of core subjects and refresh the mind from Engineering subjects. Preparing by oneself can sometimes be challenging, and when doubts arise, it isn't easy to understand the topics. In these situations, the doubt clearing section of the BYJU’S Exam Prep App or NPTEL videos can prove to be helpful.

  • Join Study groups: Study groups help a lot for long term preparation. There are several Telegram channels where hundreds of students study together and motivate each other. Joining these type of communities help in the long run. But these groups also bring distraction.

  • Mock test: Mock tests, sample papers are important and the best way to prepare for any examination. There are many coaching institutions and online platforms that provide mock tests. Revise study notes daily or weekly. Join a test series and keep analysing Preparation through mock tests. You can also join BYJU’S Exam Prep Test Series. Practice as many mocks as possible. Solve previous year's questions and then analyse performance regularly.

 Dos & Don'ts for GATE Exam


  • Keep your basics & fundamentals clear.
  • Revise Daily and keep practising completed topics.
  • Attempt more and more mock tests.
  • Solve Previous Year Questions.


  • Don't prefer multiple books; keep your resources concise.
  • Don't procrastinate. Try to build a habit.
  • Don't skip any subject.
  • Do not skip mock tests.

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Keep yourself motivated, and don't break the flow. All the best.


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  • Always start with an easy subject. But if there is any subject you are very weak in & you need to work more then you should start with that so that you can get the fundamental clear in time.

  • For doubt clearing, you can prefer NEPTEL videos or use BYJU’S Exam Prep App.

  • You can read the suggestion from the best faculty on BYJU’S Exam Prep online platform and then decide accordingly.

  • It's always the self-preparation and determination which leads to success. So YES it is possible.



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