How to Clear CLAT in 1 Month? - Tips & Strategy

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : July 20th, 2022

CLAT Preparation in One Month must be done in a well-planned way. It is always suggested that the candidates aspiring to take the CLAT should start their preparation as early as possible. However, How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month is the most common question for every candidate preparing for this exam. 

Some candidates might be retakers of the CLAT, and some would be beginners. So, Preparing for CLAT in One Month must be exam oriented, and the candidates must make a strategic plan to complete the entire syllabus. The candidates planning for CLAT Preparation in One Month shall go through the article below to learn How to Crack CLAT in One Month.

How to Prepare CLAT in One Month?

In reality, it looks impossible to Crack CLAT in One Month. However, candidates with good analytical and critical reading abilities and good knowledge of current affairs can crack the CLAT Exam in one month of preparation. The aspiring candidates should have a complete idea of the CLAT Exam Pattern and syllabus and should have a proper study plan to ace the CLAT exam with good scores.

Understand the CLAT Exam Pattern 

The candidates who are planning for CLAT Preparation in One Month must make a comprehensive preparation strategy for all the exam sections. A total of 150 multiple-choice questions are included in the CLAT Question Paper (MCQs). Each question carried one mark, with CLAT Negative Marking of 0.25 points for each incorrect response. The CLAT Exam Duration is generally 2 hours. The candidates can refer to the below-given pattern to Crack CLAT in One Month. Get all the details for CLAT Admit Card.

Name of the Section

Number of Questions

English Language


Current Affairs, including General Knowledge


Legal Reasoning


Logical Reasoning


Quantitative Techniques




CLAT Preparation in One Month: Section-Wise Plan

Below given are section-wise tips on How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month.

English Language

Work on strengthening your reading abilities for the CLAT English portion. To enhance your vocabulary, read the newspaper's editorial section daily and look up new terms' definitions. An excellent habit is always to read the newspaper. Most queries are exclusively based on newspaper editorials, articles, opinions, or legal news/judgments. A decent English newspaper must be read every day to maximize CLAT Preparation.

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

Reading newspapers like The Hindu and The Statesman might also help you brush up on current events for CLAT Preparation in One Month. The candidates can also refer to various current affairs magazines and books available in the market. Stay updated with the CLAT Registration dates, fees, and process.

Legal Reasoning

It is the most essential portion of the CLAT, having the highest weightage. With enough practice, you'll notice that the questions in this area are all of the same sorts, and you'll be able to master it in one month. The candidates should practice the previous year's question papers to score well in this section. Know more about How to Study Legal Aptitude for CLAT?

Logical Reasoning

Candidates with strong reasoning skills will be able to ace this section with good scores. It is similar to the quantitative section therefore, proper practice is the only way to Prepare for CLAT in One Month. Get all the details for CLAT Eligibility.

Quantitative Techniques

Candidates should focus on clarifying their basic concepts for CLAT Preparation in One Month. With strong basic concepts, the candidates will be able to solve difficult questions with ease.

How to Crack CLAT in One Month: Expert’s Tips and Strategies

Below are some experts’ tips for Preparing for CLAT in One Month. It will help you to grab a good grasp of all the subjects of CLAT. Check the previous year's CLAT Analysis and get an idea of the exam difficulty level.

Practice CLAT Previous Year Paper

Examine the CLAT Question Paper from the previous year to see where you stand. Try to finish the assignment, then evaluate your performance while CLAT Preparation in One Month. Get all the details for CLAT Answer Key.

Examining the CLAT Question Bank can assist you in determining your test-taking style and weaknesses, and strengths. In response, this two to three-hour work will assist you in making knowledgeable judgments about How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month.

Focus on CLAT Important Topics

After years of instruction in schools and universities, reading and analytical abilities are acquired. Therefore, there is nothing extraordinary you can do for the last month or two. When creating the preparation strategy, be reasonable. The full curriculum cannot be covered in only one or two months. 

It is better to concentrate on CLAT Important Topics and read the study materials pertinent to those areas. The possibilities of a breakdown are greater than the chances of success if you attempt to complete the CLAT Syllabus in one month by doing something impossible. You must thus be wise. Make sure that anything you read benefits you for CLAT Preparation in One Month.

Speed up CLAT preparation

There is no other choice but to accelerate the CLAT Preparation in One Moth from day one when you only have one month to prepare for this Law Entrance Exam. Attempt to read as much as you can. To set yourself for success, you might need to read for ten hours or more each day. Don't linger on a subject for too long.

Additionally, strive to spend more effort on crucial portions like legal acumen, general knowledge, and current affairs. The English language can be handled with the other elements.

CLAT Mock Tests 

The finest study materials for CLAT Preparation for One Month are the practice tests. Additionally, with new exam patterns entering the picture, CLAT preparation through practice exams is more important than ever. The CLAT Sample Papers as well as the CLAT Mock Tests are very helpful in building the abilities necessary to Prepare for CLAT in One Month.


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FAQs on How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month

  • Yes, it is possible to Crack CLAT in One Month with a proper study plan and preparation strategy. The candidates don't need to have to take coaching always, but completing the syllabus is very important to Prepare for CLAT in One Month.

  • It all relies on the applicants and how well they comprehend the material. The candidates need to prepare a proper timetable to complete the entire syllabus for CLAT Exam on time.

  • With proper practice, the candidates will be able to score well in the CLAT in One Month. First of all, complete the syllabus first, and then solve the chapter-wise question for your conceptual clarity.

  • Candidates can prepare for the CLAT exam in one month by following a proper study plan and preparation strategy. The candidates need to know the complete details about CLAT exam pattern and syllabus to prepare for CLAT in one month.

  • Yes, CLAT can be cracked in one month if the candidates follow the study plan with proper discipline and consistency.

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