How to Prepare for CLAT from Class 12?

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : July 25th, 2022

CLAT Preparation from Class 12 is very important as early preparation is a much-needed thing to prepare for any competitive exam. However, class 12 is also considered one of the most important board exams. This exam helps the candidates to choose the right career path to create a better future.

How to Prepare for CLAT from Class 12 is the most common question for every Law aspirant. The candidates who aspire to take up law as their career option will have to qualify for certain Law Entrance Exams in order to get into the top Law Colleges. CLAT is one of India's competitive and challenging exams, in which early preparation is needed. Here, you will get all the details and expert tips for CLAT Preparation from Class 12.

How to Manage Time for Study in Class 12

CLAT is a national-level Law Exams conducted by the Consortium of NLU for the candidates who aspire to take admission into the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) law programmes offered by 22 National Law Universities around the country. Note the below section to get details CLAT Exam Pattern and be prepared for the upcoming exam.

CLAT Exam Pattern

As per the previous year's CLAT Question Papers, the candidates have to solve 150 questions in 120 minutes. All the questions were MCQ-based. The candidates aspiring to take the upcoming CLAT Exam can check the below-given table:

Name of the Section

Number of Questions

English Language


Current Affairs, including General Knowledge


Legal Reasoning


Logical Reasoning


Quantitative Techniques





  • Each correct answer will be awarded +1 mark
  • Each incorrect answer will be penalized with -0.25 mark

Section-Wise CLAT Preparation from Class 12

Note the below section to get details for section-wise CLAT Preparation from CLAT 12. There are five exam sections, and the candidates must be prepared to ace this exam in one chance. 

English Language

This exam section consists of 30 questions, including 6 reading comprehension passages. This section aims to test the examinee’s grammar and reading skills as well as knowledge of vocabulary. A regular habit of reading quality literature, like novels and editorial sections of newspapers, could help you in surpassing this section while CLAT Preparation from Class 12. Check CLAT Cut Off and understand the institute-wise details for the same.

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

This section consists of 35 questions. The ratio of static G.K as to Current affairs is 15:20. Since a majority of questions are asked from Current affairs, the candidates can secure a good score in this section if they keep themselves updated with daily happenings while CLAT Preparation from Class 12. It should be noted that newspapers like ‘The Indian Express’ and ‘The Hindu’ are the best asset for preparation for this section, and 20 minutes of reading through their columns daily will help you to get a whooping score in this section. Get all the details for CLAT Answer Key.

Legal Reasoning

This section consists of 40 questions. It is an alien section for each CLAT aspirant because none of you has studied law earlier (except those who have opted for legal studies as their optional subject in 12th). Solving 10 questions each alternate day while CLAT Preparation from Class 12 can make a big difference when you appear after board exams. Stay updated with CLAT Syllabus and be prepared with all the topics covered. 

Logical Reasoning

This section has a total of 30 questions. It is aimed to test your critical reasoning aptitude. Since the questions are easy but time-consuming, that’s why the prime objective for this section is not only to get the right answer but to get it within the minimum possible time. Practising 5 questions every alternate day (approx 25 minutes) can make a big difference when you are Preparing for CLAT from 12. Get an expert-recommended CLAT Books PDF list.

Quantitative Techniques

The Quantitative Techniques section consists of 15 questions. It tests the candidate's mathematical knowledge. The candidates should practice 10-15 questions daily and find out the common topics in both class 12 and CLAT Syllabus. Stay updated with the CLAT Registration dates and process.

How to Prepare for CLAT from Class 12?

The candidates who want to prepare for CLAT Exam from class 12 itself should follow the below-given strategies. These will help the candidates to make CLAT Preparation from 12. Get a list of CLAT Colleges.

Be a Strategist

It’s undoubtedly true that the lifestyle of a student who is going to appear for CLAT in the same year is quite hectic. But if a proper study plan to prepare for CLAT from Class 12 is prepared and properly executed with a positive attitude, then achieving laurels in both the examinations hand in hand is not impossible. Get all the details for CLAT Eligibility.

Even the resources of the sharpest mind go in vain without an action plan, and even an average mind can do wonders with the help of a properly measured action plan. The action plan should be the means of achieving your goal of clearing CLAT along with board preparations. 

Strictly following that action plan while CLAT Preparation From 12. A decent action plan may vary depending upon the daily life routine of each aspirant, but some features are ubiquitous in all triumphant action plans. Such features are:

  • Your timetable to prepare for CLAT from Class 12 should establish a work-life balance.
  • Study time should be divided into small intervals with leisure breaks to relax the mind.
  • Some sort of physical exercise or Yoga should be practised regularly. Get all the details for CLAT Admit Card.
  • Don’t devote your whole day to one subject in your timetable; instead, study different subjects in smaller time frames.
  • Testing whether your CLAT Preparation From 12 is on the right track or not is necessary, so give mock tests regularly to trace your progress. Stay updated with CLAT Exam Dates.
  • Early to bed, early to rise is not a myth but a reality. It reaps positive results.

Work Smartly while Preparing for CLAT from Class 12

If you want to succeed in any field, then you need to develop your managerial skills.

  • Every good manager is not a successful person, but every successful person is a good manager. So, it can also be said that time management during CLAT Preparation is the key to success for a CLAT aspirant.
  • Management here denotes managing life and time in order to reap the best possible output from each passing second. Stay updated with the CLAT Result

Keeping CLAT Preparation From 12 on the right track and preparing for board exams is not a piece of cake. The students must work effectively and efficiently while Preparing for CLAT from Class 12 without disturbing or hindering their board examinations prospects. Devoting just six quality hours per week consistently for six months can make you capable enough to crack CLAT. Check expert recommended CLAT Study Plan.

  • Six hours per week imply that you have to devote less than an hour per day to CLAT preparation out of the allotted 24 hours, which will leave a lot of time in your bounty for board exam preparations.
  • Hard work might pay off, but smart work pays off. If you can work smartly, then your name could be the focal point in CLAT and Board results. 

Identify the Common Topics between CLAT and Board Exam 

Some topics are common in your CLAT and your board examination syllabus. The weightage of such topics may vary depending on your stream in class 12th, but the presence of such topics is pervasive in all class 12th streams.

  • By a simple analysis of your syllabus, you can easily identify these common links (topics) while preparing for CLAT from 12
  • For instance, ‘An Unseen passage’ forms a part of the CLAT paper as well as the Class 12th English paper. Check the latest news on CLAT Counselling.
  • Similarly, students of Humanities stream studying disciplines like History, Geography, and Political science for their board exam also covers a considerable part of static G.K asked in the G.K & Current affairs section of CLAT Exam Paper.
  • By excelling yourself in these CLAT Important Topics, you can hit two targets with one arrow. Preparing for these topics will enable you to prepare for CLAT from Class 12.


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FAQs on How to Prepare for CLAT from Class 12

  • No, it is not an easy task to prepare for CLAT from Class 12. However, the candidates who are aspiring to take the CLAT Exam, if prepare a proper study plan and follow it strictly, can ace the CLAT exam and also score well on the boards at the same time.

  • It depends from individual to individual how much time he/she requires in order to prepare for a particular section of the CLAT from Class 12.

  • The candidates who are planning to take CLAT exam in the year 2023 and want to prepare along with the board exams should firstly find out the common topics of the CLAT exam and the board exams.

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