How to Overcome Failure in AFCAT 1 2022 & be Positive for Defence exams

By Vivek Chauhan|Updated : March 11th, 2022

Life is a journey accompanied by ebbs and flows. Dreams are the stories our mind tells when we are asleep. There are some dreams that don’t let us sleep. Confused? The dreams that we see with eyes open are the one that takes us places. However, these dreams demand a lot of sacrifices and dedication accompanied by the courage to fail. 


As we all know Indian Air Force has already declared the result for AFCAT 1 2022, a firstly congratulations to those who have cleared the examination. But there are a few who were not fortunate enough to make it into the final list. So we bring you 5 tips that will help you to overcome this failure. 

We all have failed at least once in our lives and hence each one of us knows what disappointment feels like. Many people accept defeat and give up on their goals and dreams, whereas others use their disappointment to forge new paths to achieve their goals and they often succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

Each of us is facing a tough time these days, but remember a tough time do not last forever. Nothing is achieved easily. Get up and fight for your dreams. Leaving your comfort zone for your dreams makes you a warrior and you become closer to your dream. So, keep your eyes straight to your goal and leave everything behind.


Chin up and embrace your failure as something that will propel you to give your best. There are a series of examinations which are due in the coming time; AFCAT, CDS and many more.

Someone has correctly said-

“Manzil unhi ko milti hai,

  Jinke sapno me jaan hoti hai,

  Pankhon se kuchh nahi hota,

  Buland Hauslon se udaan hoti hai..”

Quite possible that a lot of you have been preparing for the exam for more than a year and it is perfectly mortal to feel disheartened on not qualifying. Bear in mind that this isn't the end. You have miles to go before you sleep. 

Believe in yourself! You can make it! You just need to push yourself. One step at a time and eventually your career will reach its zenith someday. All that is needed is dedication, hard work and focus. 


Start learning from your mistakes and never repeat them in the future. Analyse your weak areas and master your strength.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. Hence it is of utmost importance to put this into actual practice.

Below are five unique tips that will help the aspirant to overcome the fear of failure and process toward success with confidence.


The first step in one’s journey to overcome the fear of failure is to acknowledge which you failed in doing something. Acknowledging one’s failure will help candidate come to terms with it and from there on one can start learning from one’s failure. Life is all about trial & error. So whenever one tries something new or attempt to do something for the first time, the candidate is bound to have challenges & disappointments along the way. The best way forward form the failure is to acknowledge them, celebrate individual’s mistakes and learn from them.



Imagination is one such type of tool that can help one’s overcome the fear of anything & failure is no exception to it. So, each time one fear something makes a mental picture where one overcome that fear & achieve what the individual fear the most. For instance, if one fears public speaking or speaking in front of the crowd, imagine that one is standing in front of a crowd & delivering a wonderful speech. The crowd describes its appreciation for one’s speech with applauds. Creating such type of positive picture about the activities/things that one fear will show the candidate the other side of it, the side where one’s success is being recognized & acknowledged. So, imagination will go a long way in helping a candidate overcome the fear of failure.

Talk it Out:

Whenever we feel fear of something, we often try & bottle or subside the emotions surrounding it inside us. This may have a detrimental effect on one’s self-confidence. If a candidate is feeling bad about something, usually, about something in which you have failed, it’s better to share with others. One can share such emotions with his/her parents, mentors, teachers and even good friends who will support individual and help candidate overcome it. Talking about one’s emotions can help you get over the trauma quickly and even aid in building confidence that can ultimately help one’s overcome the fear associated with it.

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Every time one fail in doing something, be it an examination or an activity that one attempted, try & put in more effort. For instance, if the individual is participating in the debate competition and is feeling the fear of speaking in front of an audience, read articles and tips that may help the candidate improve one’s performance. Watch different videos about it on YouTube and learn how successful people make an effort in order to improve their performance. For the exams, one can seek the help of toppers of past years or class seniors who have hitherto appeared for the exam and cracked it with the flying colours. Making an effort to prepare and to improve oneself will give the candidate the necessary confidence to face one’s fears head-on.


Positive Thinking:

The fear and positive thinking are polar opposites i.e., they counter each other. So, develop positive thinking as part of one’s everyday lifestyle. Whenever an individual encounter a situation where a candidate is feeling bad about a failure, try to overcome it with positive thinking. The positive thinking will help one take the first step towards success in the candidate’s journey of overcoming fear.

By following the above-mentioned tips and strategies, one will surely be able to overcome the fear of the failure. So, next time, be it an exam, public speaking or performance that candidate have to deliver; by following the above tips, one will feel confident & will be able to deliver it successfully. 


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