How to Guess Correct Answers in JEE Main 2020

By Apoorva Gupta|Updated : August 14th, 2019

How to Guess the Correct Answers in JEE Main 2020 Exam: Every question is equally important in the competitive exam JEE. But with a limited time frame, candidates generally happen to mark the option by using the elimination process, which can lead to negative marking as well. Guessing is an art, which needs a lot of small tricks that can help you in cracking the exam. Blind guessing is not at all beneficial in JEE Main 2020.

JEE doesn’t care whether you circled the correct bubble based on your understanding of the concept or whether you took a random guess. So, this gives you the freedom to play a smart game and take a few risks. For that, learn the correct way to guess in JEE Main exam. 

Every year, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), the most prestigious examination of the country, sees huge contenders from all across the country. But, only a handful can secure a seat in this exam. There is no denying that you need to work hard for getting that seat, but at the end, luck and smart work too play their role in helping you secure a rank. Read further to know what are some best guessing tricks In Jee Main 2020.

Tricks to Guess Correct Option in JEE Main 2020

Thus, here are some systematic ways to guess the most correct option in JEE Main 2020. Get acquainted with tricks to guess the correct option to maximize your score: 

  • Value putting: Such types of questions are often asked where an equation is provided, and you need to find the value of the variable. As you are given with 4 choices, you can try by taking each value and substituting it into the equation to see whether the equation gets solved. The option whose value completely satisfies the equation is your answer. Though this process is a little time-consuming, you should use this process only when you have ample time in your hand. This process of value substitution will always help you in arriving at the correct answer. 
  • Always attempt questions which have no negative marks: Questions like match the following, true and false, etc. do not carry negative marks and hence you should never leave such questions unattempted. You have nothing to lose in such questions as there is no negative mark involved. However, if you attempt the questions in JEE Main 2020 paper after carefully going through the instructions, and your calculated guess turns out to be correct, you will gain marks, which will add to your overall score. 
  • Attempting questions involving units can be your safe bet: If you encounter questions which have different units in the options, you should surely attempt such questions provided you are well acquainted with dimensional analysis and have an idea about the unit of the quantity involved in the question. You do not have to perform the long calculation; find out the unit of the asked quantity with the help of dimensional analysis, and you can safely mark your answer.  
  • Take a calculated risk: If you are successfully able to eliminate two options and you are confused between two options, you can take a risk and make one of the options as your answer. Though it is a little risky, you can try out this method by taking a calculated risk. 
  • Attempt questions on mathematical ranges: The mathematical questions in which you are required to find the domain or range of a function can be scoring provided you know the shortcut to solve such questions. You are not required to solve the entire function. If you are provided with the union of two sets, you have to note down the four extreme values and test the function on the extremes values. Only that option will be correct in which the function is satisfied in all the 4 values. This process of testing a function on extreme values saves a lot of time. 
  • The extremes are never the right answers:  If you come across such a question in which two values are extremes while two other values are closer to each other, there is a 70% chance that the correct option will be between those two options, whose value lie closer to each other. You can rule out the extremes and choose an answer between the two closer options. 

You can go through the previous years’ JEE Main 2020 Papers offered by BYJU'S Exam Prep and know how to answer multiple-choice questions without knowing the answer in JEE Main 2020. You will be amazed to see how many questions you can guess correctly with this method.

No matter what, never lose focus and confidence. It is true that the exam of JEE Main Tests your nerves, but you need to keep calm and give your 100% on the exam day. JEE Main 2020 is indeed a tough exam which tests your understanding and knowledge, but there are some scopes to be a master of it. When you feel stuck in the exam, use the tips mentioned above carefully to arrive at the correct answer and benefit from the discussed tips.  

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